iPhone 14 Pro Max REACTION

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro have arrived. Apple also announced the iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra and AirPods Pro 2. Sponsored by Anker. Anker Nano 3: https://ankerfast.club/UnboxNano3 — Bio-Based Charging Cable: https://ankerfast.club/UnboxBioCable

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  1. Never did I seen a fall from grace so hard as apple ..
    Pure garbage .. I just wonder how much time will take to burn all of S. jobs money ?
    My prediction in 3 years apple will look like enron

  2. hey i just wanna say that GOD loved the world so much he sent his only begotten
    son Jesus to die a brutal death for us so that we can have eternal life and we can all accept this amazing gift this by simply believing in him (Jesus).

  3. One of those things that Apple wants to remind you of… 6:04 yeahhhh hahaha and don’t forget they’ll remind you about THE HEFTY BILL TOO that’ll definitely kill me!😅😭

  4. In my family we have a lot of iphones. Depending on the situation, we often switch sims (especially my daughter). While the back-up of the phone is not a problem, switching the sim will be a problem if e-sims will be the inly option, and this is because round the world a lot of carriers do not allow you to self activate an e-sim. You have to physically go into the store.

  5. I have a question regarding apple watch and its SOS service. Will it detect epilepsy or seizure and automatically send text to health services or we are only talking about crash scenarios and heart attacks?

  6. Those who are from India watching the price difference in USA and India is around 44000 rs ie around $550 for the pro Max so in India the same model iPhone 14 pro Max is $1600 starting

  7. Can anyone tell me pls why the subscribers are not increasing in the channel?? Because almost 2 years i am seeing it stuck at 18.2 million, what's the reason?

  8. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be the only two iPhone 14 devices to support a 120Hz refresh rate, this is the most important thing.
    I think if you are going for the 14 non pro better to go with 13 pro max .

  9. Iam thinking by the iphone 16 they will remove the charging port and sell something that will charge it (nope u did not guess it right, it's not wireless or something, it's still wired) for a price of "only" $700

  10. WHY YOU SHOULD PICK DEEP PURPLE: I upgrade every year for battery and trade in value reasons. I only bought the Deep Purple just now because it’s the new color for the pro line. Sierra Blue has been my favorite color by far on the 13 Pro line. I didn’t get the silver or gold today honestly because for the price I want to be reminded I have the new version when I see the back side especially when filming which is my primary use for this phone. I wish the purple was a lighter purple like sierra blue but this year will have to be marketing aesthetic over preferred color. It’s not ugly but I like when the color stands out. The silver lining is it does look like a pro color.

  11. The iPhones 14 pro Max's island is not something really new on phones, take a look at Xiaomi phones they have a tab for it when playing games or receiving notifications you can pull on the notification and you get a whole tab that takes 1/3 your screen, but can be put in to any corner of the screen and take 1/6 your screen. I find it pretty comfy when playing games and I can pull out YouTube and watch a tutorial while in the game or app.

  12. In my honest thought, I'm starting to feel like the iPhone is getting WORST than the actual F*CK. Seems like removing everything is normal to them to the point where all consumers will rely to their ecosystem COMPLETELY. Head phone jack? Sim card? I mean.. WHAT ELSE??? I BEEN USING THE PRODUCT FOR THE LAST DECADE AND THIS IS ONE THING THAT MAKES IT SHIT!

  13. it can use a satellite connection for 911? Why the would they just go to the next step and make the phone be able to Text and call through a satellite connection when it is not in range of Cell tower?


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