Introducing the New Range Rover Velar Plug-In-Hybrid

The new #RangeRover #Velar adds electrification to its emotionally charged design with a Plug-In-Hybrid option, continuing Range Rover’s 50-year history of innovation and completing the Range Rover family’s electrified line up. Configure yours:

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  1. And then there will be people calling it overpriced and comparing it with 2WD crossover which they call a "SUV".

    As a 14 year old SUV enthusiast, my favourite SUVs are Range Rover Velar and Range Rover Evoque.

  2. Land Rover make a new year suprise present to me. Really want a Range Rover but never can buy it at my country for this life time :(( make it real this dream. Sometimes a thing like this means nothing for someone but sometimes a car like this means a life for a man like me.

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