Introducing: New Range Rover Sport

Revealing the third generation Range Rover Sport with Chief Creative Officer Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Commercial Officer Lennard Hoornik as well as special guests James Corden and Anthony Joshua.

Find out more:

0:00 – Introducing the New Range Rover Sport
1:36 – New Range Rover Sport – revealed
3:34 – The Spillway Challenge
11:10 – CCO Lennard Hoornik meets our special guests James Corden
14:52 – Anthony Joshua and Jessica Hawkins test drive

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Comment (2,438)

  1. Still don't get why companies are trying to sell features – it's about benefits. How does this make you feel? The people who buy range rovers don't care about how it performs to a certain extent. They care how they'll be perceived and feel

  2. I can only imagine how much $$$$$$$$ $pent. They must have used a very powerful drone, the best technology to put this together. Definitely would love driving in such a terrain. 💯 my next car this year.

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  4. What a load of guff. The only water that car will ever see is at the car wash, and the only rocks, on the owner’s gravel driveway. LR should take note from Merc (new GLC) how to do a product launch.

    A bling SUV for bling people. The body styling has clearly just been stolen from all the modifiers, before they get their hands on it for their footballer/organised crime boss owners. Like the new Defender, kill off the aftermarket companies and bring it in house.

    And WTF is Gerry wearing on his feet? And WTF was he talking about. That man is so up his own a**e.

  5. Wow this is 20 minutes of my life I won’t give. What a croc of shit this script is. I don’t care if the product is good , it is painful to watch.

  6. What an awesome vehicle, even when it goes through mud, soil and water it still looks like it just came of the showroom floor. Must be that new self-clean function!!!

  7. Props to Range Rover not being afraid and showing that this wasn't done on stock wheels/tires, and the car was fitted with smaller wheels and proper chunky off road tires. Theres this misconception to newer Range Rover owners that all this is somehow done with stock 22" wheels and summer tires, and they're of course the ones that always get too cocky out in a trail or in the sand dunes, and have to get pulled out by a Jeep, then that video gets posted on YouTube, and everyone makes fun of us RR owners because they didn't stop for a second to use their brain to think that sending a Soccer team out in ballerina shoes to win the World Cup is basically the same thing as off roading in a Range Rover with 22" wheels and summer tires. I cringe whenever I see some idiot in his stock RR Sport going off roading with rubber band tires

  8. recording two different cars trying to portray that it's the same one, one is an svr and the other who knows what it has other than its just a sport version, amateur filming zero attention to detail

  9. I like the previous version of range rover a lot 🙂🙂
    But this design I don't like besically the lights 🤮🤮
    I want to buy a range rover sport🙂🙂
    But not now with this design 🙁🙁


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