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DW news, quite rightly and correctly, asked me for clarification on my contention that the virus was likely to have arisen in Africa. We know that a young woman arrived from Egypt who had flown via Turkey into Belgium landing on the 11th of November.

We also we also know that she became symptomatic and tested positive for the omicron variant on the 22nd of November.

It is possible that this young woman had a long incubation period of 11 days or more, but this is somewhat improbable.

This clearly leaves open the possibility that she contracted the virus within Belgium, between the 11th and 22nd of November.

It is therefore within the bounds of possibility that she originally contracted this virus in Egypt, or on the flight from Egypt to Turkey, or the flight from Turkey to Belgium, or in Belgium.

This is what we know so far and of course it is important not to over extrapolate from the facts at our disposal.

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  1. That is horse crap about people being on vaccinated get the diseases no they don't. The people with the unvaccinated get the diseases let's get that clear. You been listening too much of the news in the media is not clear they have been sued before for misrepresentation so it has Google. This is made by a man who needs his ass whipped.

  2. It's not uncommon for the virus only to show up quite some time after contact /infection. In China, regularly people in quarantine only test positive after several tests. One negative test isn't enough.

  3. When do we see thru all the BS? Once, primary health care relied on trust plus the use of safe, cheap and effective treatments. Doctors didn't start with the most extreme, contentious treatments first. Cheap, safe and effective spells Iver mec tin to me. Fauci recommended it for Sars Cov 1. Now Fauci is insisting on the jab in case you encounter version A, B or C of the Delta strain. Meanwhile, Harvard has found that if you have had Covid, regardless of whether you had been jabbed of not, you have have permanent immunity. So, should the Omicron variant be of concern? Prof Fenton has found that the jab is of marginal benefit. This agrees with Singaporean minister who said that they'd all been vaccinated, now would all get Covid. It's time to face your fears, not become Pfizer junkies and the long term unknown consequences. This new variant should not be cause for more fear mongering by people chasing a quick buck or more power. Medicine needs to get back to it's roots.

    It's on the news, now!




  5. 32 mutations should reduce the S1 spike protein binding to the ace2 receptors of human cells . 32 nucleic acids' mutations can translate to minimum 11 amino acid substitutions / the latter might be non/polar , hydrophyllic/phobic, non/aromatic, and thus change the secondary and tertiary structure of the spike . Why does public have to learn this news from media, where are the unbiased scientific papers . Where are the voices of virologists and genomic experts ? WHO doctors are fake scientists ! Dr

  6. A new variant must arise from within a high population after transmission. So this is one thing to think about when the "natural immunity is better than being vaccinated" line is taken. The possibility within a large population for a new variant is more likely when more people do not get vaccine. Waiting to see what Prof Seheult and the virology team at UCSF have to say. This is good for all the Conspiracy Theorists, because we are seeing a natural viral mutation happen, yet again. It's nature, wake up. Get your facts from people who do more than stand around in a pub eating a pie and framing opinions.

  7. Yet another viral morph. We will become zombies because of a virus, won’t we. This is just insane. Enough is enough. The mental state of humans everywhere is being tested. For sure.

  8. Well given the reports the symptoms are actually very very mild according to a African Docter he explains them as unusual but mild with people coming in very tired and fatigue but that's it.. so that could be excellent news. More contagious but much less likely to cause severe disease think with all the media hype and scaring shit going on people haven't really been thinking that this varient could actually be much less dangerous and violent then other strains as viruses tend to do that become more contagious but less dangerous as time goes on.. to soon to say if it will stay this way but fingers crossed that this Omicron is much less dangerous and people worried for nothing but I am happy the higher ups are taking action towards it and not just waiting for it to strike. It seems they learned from their mistakes with Delta. Well.. some of them US being as stupid as usual let's get the facts first before we do anything like john Campbell said it's absolutely ridiculous do it now before it to late and if it turns out to be false alarm.. no harm done.

  9. COuld anyone please help me undestand.. so we're injecting people with pieces of spike protein (vaccines) and now we see new variant emerging with LARGE amount of mutations in the spike protein.. is there a connection???? Isn't it what viruses do? they adjust? so if our body contains a vaccine with a piece of spike protein – the virus mutates and finds a way to change itself in that area? Would it be correct to say?

  10. Interesting that the Belgian spokesman said the woman is unvaccinated. Other reports said she was indeed vaccinated. Could it be that she was due for a boost and therefore considered "unvaccinated"? I always trusted government scientific officials until recently. Whistleblowers are reporting that people who had the completed doses as pertains to the brand they took, but were hospitalized with COVID 3-6 months later, were classified as "unvaccinated."

  11. ITS SO DEADLY THE BODIES ARE LINED ALONG THE STREETS! the hospitals are overrun and understaffed!! They cant keep up with all the dead! Its so severe they sacked all the healthcare workers too!!This thing is killing everyone!

  12. Was the young lady a re—iinfection? The ‘naturally immune have antibodies for all parts of COVID-19 while the vaccinated have a temporary protection that mimics well enough for just the spike protein/, narrow range of protection (wanes 2-6 months). The naturally immune do much better against variants, vaccine is a delay and never develops full protection until you have actual COVID-19 virus encounter . The ‘Naturally Immune’ have protection for more parts of the COVID-19 puzzle so they only have to adjust the antibody ‘blueprint’ a little (check mortality rates within groups to fact check the ‘better outcomes for vaccinated”… not the case where I live) Remember, ‘breakthrough’ means the Actual Spike Protein of COVID-19 along with thousands of nucleocapsid amino-acid/proteins , and virus envelope are finally actually encountered. We need to be realistic so we need to pursue CL3 Protease inhibitors to reduce replication to allow the individual’s natural immune system a better chance to survive and build full defense. The foundation of Basic Immunology requires All to make the Specific antibodies for the specific Virus/antigen (this case, COVID-19) to survive/recover and become ‘Naturally Immune”…..can you get sick again, Yes….BUT. Your odds of survival and milder case is higher (more parts of the puzzle addressed so less to solve for Variant).

  13. So interesting how the news media looks to a "Doctor of Philosophy" for their COVID information.. amazing! Look folks anyone can call themselves a doctor these days and sit on you tube making money video's and giving biased information on cherry picking internet website links and pointing out the issues he would like you all to see and know about. My goodness.. what have we come to… Please go visit Ronald McDonalds you tube page for more information about your neurological disorders.. he's well versed in that science I am sure!

  14. All SA travels are banned now. It’s a mess again. There is no credible data yet as Doc says. What if omicron (or if letters rearranged “moronic”) is a good mutation, less virulent compared to previous ones? Why punishing SA for that? It’s most probably originated elsewhere but first “identified” by SA.

  15. Here is where I struggle with the "blame the unvaxxed" narrative. If a person has no immunity from vaccine or recovery, why would covid need to mutate? Doesn't it make more sense that the virus would mutate to be able to duplicate in a person with some degree of immunity?

  16. So they traced a brand new variant to an asymptomatic unvaccinated young woman!
    Interesting the new Omicron verant was discovered on the 9th and confirmed on the 11th.
    This is very important to know…just because…wink wink

  17. I'm always amused and confused when i hear people flying in to a country that may have the new variant , but they aren't flying in in an ambulance , or flying in in a hospital bed , or they aren't flying in crawling on their stomach because they're too sick to walk , but they're flying in feeling fine , and if this variant is so transmissible why does it take 11 days to show symptoms , if any , and you maybe be A symptomatic and not know you've even got it . The whole thing sounds like total bullshit to me . I'm here in Australia 2 years down the track from when all this started , and i'm still waiting to hear of or see a Covid patient being in our hospitals in our area for 500 miles in all directions . One must become skeptical about all this crap , really i'm seriously beginning to wonder .

  18. Dr Campbell, one moment you are telling us that our chances of heart attack is much greater after the mrna vaccine and the next moment you are telling us to take the vaccine? What is going on?

  19. This can be due to travel history, with her, the virus moving to a different continent, mutates to suit the new environment. Stop hyping everything.

  20. Morning. Could it be more effective to deal with the new type, which contains more mutations, if the immunity obtained by Covid has been altered in a natural way? And what is the benefit of vaccinating with vaccines whose effectiveness against the new type is more questionable than against Delta variant?

  21. Unfortunately, today there was no verifiable data presented. Just govt tales of what may have happened. Don't sell out John. You got our respect by presenting verifiable data.And isnt it a little convenient that the PCR test, that CDC admits cant tell Flu from Covid, can now tell that someone has the new variant. Cmon kids.

  22. John. please do not take part in this fear porn. Please! Vitamin D ,C… The answer zo omicron: boost your immune system and not only the mRNA induced antibodies

  23. More vaccines? Hey, great idea, one a month, NO, one a week, perfect! That why we never had efficient vaccines for mutating viruses, they're laughing at us in our faqces, and they can make any law they want, this world has gone mad,

  24. Oh how I wish I had invested in Pharmacy companies!! A new variant that doesn’t make you particularly sick but will have everyone forced to get a shot! You can’t make this sort of marketing up. Fear: the new sales strategy.

  25. Congrats to John !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This channel has now morphed into being a full fledged ''News'' type channel. 3-4 videos in one day. Anchor John Campbell soon to be famous and a millionaire.

  26. This variant should be more transmissible, but sufferers are not severely ill. Dr John, please view Vejon Health – Innovative Covid-19 vaccine solutions. Mass vaccination, apart from the old and vulnerable, during a pandemic, could be our undoing.

  27. So we know masks do nothing to stop the spread of Covid as no study has found any benefit, but people are calling for masks to be worn again! The government has now said masks must be worn in shops and on public transport, yet you can to a pub or restaurant where you are drinking and by definition getting close to people to be heard or socialable, more likely to be mixing with foreign travellers or people from out of the area, but no masks are required! Can anyone tell me on what planet does this make sense? So if these scientists think masks are so wonderful at magically stopping virus particles, why are they only mandatory in the lowest risk situations at my local supermarket? We are just being manipulated and controlled.

  28. To compare to Delta how many mutations does it have? I read somewhere there are two in Delta. In Omicron the 10 mutations of 32 are receptor binding domain, why is that significant? Thank you for the info.

  29. Hi Dr John, just thought you would be interested to know that earlier today Sunday 28th November, 2 travellers that arrived from overseas, have tested positive to the variant ‘Omicron’ of Covid 19. I’m hoping our Federal Government close are borders again , even tho it’s a bitter blow for us ‘down under’.


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