Internet of Things: Bosch & Daimler Realised Automated Valet Parking in the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Bosch and Daimler have teamed up to realise driverless parking (Automated Valet Parking) in the multi-storey car park at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart: Cars now proceed without a driver to their assigned parking space in response to a command issued by smartphone, without any need for the driver to supervise the manoeuvre. Automated valet parking marks an important milestone on the way to autonomous driving. The pilot solution at the multi-storey car park of the Mercedes-Benz Museum represents the world’s first infrastructure-supported solution for an automated drive-up and parking service in real-life dual operating mode. From the beginning of 2018, visitors to the museum’s multi-storey car park will be able to experience the convenient service at first hand and avoid spending time parking their cars.

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  1. and all the people who were in the mall will be loading bags full of groceries into their cars at the same place at the same time, because some silly computer geeks don´t understand the purpose of parking lot

  2. Seeing as we can't get the remote control app now on the phone app to pull the car out (like they have in EU) while we are standing there, this will be a long time before we see it in the US. Still my wife does like the drive assist tech on her new E class.

  3. С Дагестанской прошивкой, будет быстрее парковаться, а так же появится функция парковки на тратуарах

  4. Mercedes, you film a car with defect in promo video?? Side marker in the mirror is completely fogged – just check the video at 0.53

    Used to be well made cars back in a day..

  5. I think this is pretty shameful for Mercedes-Benz. Cars are on the verge of handling all the different conditions on public streets and Benz can't even drive in a parking house without complex additional sensors installed.

  6. Nicht das ich diese Idee nicht total cool finde, hat so was Knight Rider mäßiges. Aber was passiert, wenn ein anderes Auto nun in den automatisierten Benz reinfährt?


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