Inter 1-1 Juventus | The Derby d’Italia ends in a draw | Serie A 2021/22

Edin Dzeko puts the Nerazzurri in front but Dybala scores the equaliser from the penalty spot in the final stages of the game | Serie A 2021/22

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  1. the ref clearly pointed out to continue the game as the contact was not considered strong enough for a penalty (and you can literally see how dumfries lightly touches Sandro’s foot’s pinky) telling the player to get up. VAR insists to check for the touch, when it wasn’t supposed to as per rules and the ref didn’t stop the game. We go back a few months ago, Juventus-Inter, Cuadrado commits foul on perisic in the last moments of the game, tripping on himself. Penalty given to juve but VAR doesn’t call the ref to correct him? Tell me this isn’t hypocritical

  2. This highlight didnt clearly show you ref (Maurizio Mariani) already gave signal that the game still play on when that foul happened. Then VAR called and you know what happened. As far as i know, VAR can only be used when there is a clear foul and ref didnt see that. Why suddenly VAR can change ref decision? Edit: my bad, you can see what i am talking about around 1:23 minutes, its get cut so watch carefully

  3. This controversy of penalty given to Juve made Premiere League is more accountable than Seria A. And Seria A lost its viewers thanks to never ending calciogate.


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