Inside the NBA on Ja Morant & the Grizzlies Hot Streak – January 13, 2022

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Comment (77)

  1. Shout out to John Konchar for hacking his mycareer player & putting on all HOF rebound badges for one game then turning it back off before he gets caught 🤣😂🤣

  2. Largest win margin by score in NBA HISTORY without their mvp candidate beat 4 highly favored finals contenders/locks all star mip mvp candidate they might be the real legit

  3. Coming from a guy who’s born and raised in Mississippi…it feels great to have a good nba team roun the way. The only hope and happiness we have is Prime at Jackson St.

  4. Espn and other sports channels are talking about who they would have to play in playoff but what the are failing to understand it's a strong possibility that the may be a top seed and path could be much easier to the championship.

  5. Edwards 30, Russell 29 and KAT 25…and they lost with Grizz leading scorers 21, 20 and 16…People keep saying Wolves have talent…yeah top heavy. Those others are so hot/cold. They too committed to the top 3 guys. Gonna have to make a move to stay relevant


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