Inside the mansion owned by the world’s richest Esports player – BBC News

Johan “N0tail” Sundstein is the highest-earning Esports player in the world, having taken more than $7.4m (£5.4m) in prize money to date.

The BBC visited Johan at his new 17 bedroom mansion in Lisbon, Portugal to see how he and his team have adapted to training for, and competing in, high stakes tournaments remotely.

Our cyber reporter Joe Tidy also spoke to him about the physical and mental impact of competitive gaming and what lies ahead in Johan’s future.

Filmed in December, following BBC Covid-safe filming advice and all local social distancing guidelines.

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  1. the parents say it was his decision. . . it's like giving crack to a toddler and being like, "oh yeah he chose that path when he was younger"

    not exactly analogous, but if u got kids, u know how addicting that kinda shit is

  2. The craziest thing is that if your kid told you he wanted to play video games as a career most would do everything in their power to steer him away from that. In 99% of cases that would be the right move, here you would be dead wrong.

  3. Some peolpe are billionares, and some people got nothing to eat, got nowhere to live, ect. If i had the chance to win that amount of money, i would give 90% of the money to poor people. I will still have enough for myself. Even before Covid came, there were still poor and homeless people, and imagine now after Covid came? The amount of jobs decreased and so on. My thoughts on such videos in YouTube are something like this. But you can only think in such a way if you were homeless/poor yourself. If you lived a life in which you were not denied from having anything you want, and get get even more – you won't value it. You will still be selfish. This is the sad world we live in. One has to live a good life, while someone else had to live a miserable life to his last breath.

  4. You know civilization is dying when so much money goes for people pushing pixels on screen when already so much money goes for people pushing balls on fields…. no hope for humanity. our last 100years on this beautiful planet, guaranteed

  5. i love how some parents are letting their children quit school. and fully support their children in what they wanna do.
    bro if i said to my parents i wanna quit school id prolly have no parents, id proly be homeless and worse theyd prolly kill me LOL

  6. Now that i think of it, this man here is the most accomplished dota 2 player of the history. 4 times 1mil usd majors and the almost impossible 2 times TI. Like wtf?

  7. Man I just looked at the house in the thumbnail and said "It looks like this house is in Portugal, but it probably isn't". When I found out it was actually in Portugal I knew that that house style is not found everywhere else other than Portugal.


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