Inside the Floor Routine Once Thought Impossible

Aly Raisman took Olympic gold in 2012 with amind-boggling opening tumbling pass. The reigning champion breaks down thatsame pass, which she hopes will help her medal again in Rio. Image: Robert Libetti/The Wall Street Journal

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Comment (825)

  1. Hi I am a gymnastics freak…though on u tube…but sadly I sometimes find it difficult to stand on my both legs…anyone willing to help this poor soul…
    The best thing I did till date is a handstand from a wall …held by my wife and daughter from both sides…oh god help the poor artheriticals

  2. Its nice to see women in Olympic gymnastics and not little girls. It’s good to see not only flexibility but also great muscle strength. And that 18 yrs is not the upper limit for competitors.

  3. For those who are curious about how she did in Rio, she won silver in the floor routine, and silver in the all around. Her team mate, Simone Biles, took gold in both, as well as in the vault.

  4. And you’re telling me the human body happened by chance and evolution? Clearly it was carefully designed in beauty, functionality and purpose. There is a God. It’s undeniable.

  5. I am so grateful for this kind of high-tech super visual breakdown of the sport. As a spectator, I love gymnastics, but find it so insanely fast that I struggle to fully understand what is happening.

  6. Completely opposite of the Russians with curves in all the right places, the Chinese has shown us that if you want to win athletic events as a woman, you have to look like a man. She has it down cold, she's bound to win.

  7. We should just set our standard for 'impossible' to something really ridiculous, like '22 rotations' or something. We are always saying 'that's impossible' and it happens anyway. By the way, by today's standard of athleticism, nothing about her opening tumble seems particularly hard or 'impossible'. Not saying I can do any of that, but it seems like most gymnasts (of Olympic caliber) could accomplish that. My ignorance of the skills required could make my assumption wrong though.

  8. The height you are able to get is really amazing. Combined with fantastic body control from hours of self-disciple you are the perfect example of athletic ability taken to the max. Thank you for sharing this inspiring video.

  9. This how we get out of bed each morning here at reelworthy… except that we’ve installed the coffee maker about 10 feet off the floor right there at that last flip… Community Coffee of course.

  10. She was one of the victims of Larry Nassar who spoke out and heard her speech in court and it was so powerful, she’s so pretty and amazing

  11. Being a skater, the words "That's impossible" are just a challenge. When I was young, a kickflip mctwist was impossible, until 1994 when tony Hawk did it. Then the 900 was impossible until 1999 when Tony Hawk did it. There's a pattern here, Tony Hawk is a god, but also, when someone says "That's impossible" someone will always see that as a way to make history. Eventually, we will find the limits of the human body but to think we've already achieved it, or are close to it, is hubris to rival Nero or Caligula. Sports science as a discipline is still in its infancy and it's already improved virtually every sport by leaps and bounds. In another 10 years, what this young lady achieved will be commonplace, gymnasts that grew up watching her will be doing the same and probably even more impressive things.

  12. Alexa…I miss you so much 😕😢 I wonder if I'd ever gonna see U again…😢😢😕😕😩😩😢😢💓💓💓💓💓💓💓😻🇺🇸💪🇺🇸🇺🇸💓

  13. One of the difficult elements I forget about is how they align them perfectly. They go straight from one corner to the other without going crooked!

  14. She looks so much like a gymnast that does to my gym but obviously I would have known if she was on youtube but she just looks like the exact same person haha 😛

  15. I love watching gymnastics. I did it briefly as a kid but never at this level. The things they can do with their bodies are amazing and beautiful. And this sport is not for the faint of heart. These women are incredibly strong and have to be fearless to do what they do. I’m always in awe.


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