Inside Sneaker Con: 500% Markups and Millions in Profit | WSJ

Sneaker Con co-founder Yu-Ming Wu and Hayden Sharitt, a 21-year-old resale business owner, take us inside the industry where some sellers make millions of dollars on pre-owned shoes, as they attend a sneaker trading show in Cleveland. Photo/Illustration: Tyler Clark/Drew Evans

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Comment (694)

  1. Rules of Acquisition Number 12. "Anything worth selling is worth selling twice." Number 13. "Anything worth doing is worth doing for money." and Number 22. " Wise men can hear profit in the wind."

  2. With the rapid increase of sellers, who buy to sell, has seen a rapid increase in demand, and subsequently, prices. I don’t think that’s sustainable, and we may be in the mists of a massive sneaker bubble.

  3. I can't understand for the life of me when you can look up any shoe online in a matter of seconds why anyone would overpay for a shoe. And if it is only available at an insane price, I would pass since there is likely something newer and even better available for a lower price.

  4. Title is accurate – it's a sneaker CON game…….those who buy 'hyped' sneakers on the resale market need to realize those shoes will deteriorate and degrade over time. Sneaker aftermarket sales are the biggest rip off.

  5. I'm not going to hate oh him he definitely knows how to hustle. But then again what he's doing is fraudulent for selling used and outlet sneakers for a high markup. If he does this ethically I'm sure he will still be able to sell and get clients.

  6. What I don't understand is if your buying a pair of kicks because you like the look of them and your going to wear them, just buy a good pair of fakes online from China for a fraction of the price. No difference. I wouldn't be making the likes of this fella rich.

  7. 4-6 k in one day I think not…..
    Add all you're time picking up looking on line and alll tougher in hr will be more like days or weeks……you said you on your phone 12 hr a day …dammmmmmm

  8. If like that guy he would of asked me “Have you got the cash for them”? I would of told him to f** off no matter how rare your sneakers are mate I would never give you my money, very rude learn how to do customer service a little that’s how you get high clientele otherwise you definitely going to stay on 35 k a year

  9. Meanwhile, 99% of other resellers are scanning the clearance wall at the Nike outlet just hoping to find ONE decent shoe they can make $20 on after expenses. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. Nobody is going to talk about how Heniously Hidieous those white high top Yeezys were at 5:08. I always thought yeezys were sub par shoes anyway but those all white high top ones are just a dumpster fire and a half and some idiot paid 350 for them!? Thats just sad. They look somthing my grandma might wear. Not even grandpa. Grandma.

  11. I’m a vintage luxury dealer, and the business model is VERY similar, the only difference, our items are waaaay harder to find because they either never were mass produced or just a few survived until these days.

  12. As someone who’s been to sneaker con. ALL of these sellers have the same sneakers for the same price. No one is under the other. And another thing is like I pointed out. It’s all the same stuff and every table. No one has something unique like retro air maxes or vintage adidas. It’s all just Jordan 1s and yeezys.


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