Inside London’s Nightmare Station

London’s new £19BN railway is finally due to open but it will be missing a key station.
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Narrator – Fred Mills
Producer – Ian Parkin
Video Editing – Thomas Canton
Graphics – Thomas Canton and Vince North
Executive Producers – Fred Mills and Graham MacAree

Additional footage and imagery courtesy of Crossrail

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  1. "The most expensive real estate in the world leaves very little room for street level access." – is not a logical proposition.

  2. Massive respect for Mark Wild. Just watch his Update videos. No bulls***, no spin, no blame deflected, no OTT self-congratulatory comments; he just gives us the facts and proper explanations to B1M's questions.

  3. 5:07
    I wonder if Skanska's removal has anything to do with the fiasco they had in Pensacola where a bunch of their barges broke loose and a few took out a brand new bridge they were building. That happened during Hurricane Sally in September 2020.

  4. Seems all government sanctioned projects fall behind schedule and become cost exorbitant. Always a big dog and pony show launch and a humiliating finish.

  5. I live in Bucharest… we have a pretty decent metro here but only 4 interchanges… its not that complex… first time i came to london and got on the tube i had a bit of an issue… i was looking at the map and all the stations had circles except for the one i was suppose end up at… and i thought it might be closed or something… i started asking around if that was the case… then i realized ALLL the stations have interchanges its nuts

  6. A lot of Crossrail vids skate over Bond Street, this is the first time I've seen the reasons for its delay really spelt out, so thank you. One thing: I'm not a fan of the random cuts to a zoomed-in view in your final piece to camera. An occasional use of such a cut is fine, but it just looks weird when you cut in and back out again repeatedly in quite a short segment…

  7. I watched the multi part docuseries on the building of the CrossRail project, and it’s a honkin’ miracle they could thread a whole new tube line right thru/above/below the hundred year old underground infrastructure of Central London, while preserving some of the most fragile and historic surface architecture in the city.

    The delays and overruns are LESS than on any comparable American projects like the Big Dig in Boston, and CrossRail is FAR more complex and transformative for the future of London.

    If the geological conditions are bad, they’re bad. That’s no one’s fault, and NO you can’t always tell from deep core samples and remote sensing methods what you’ll find until you actually dig that deep.

    Brits should be incredibly proud to have completed 99% of the project by now. This is no time to rush thru a stopgap solution for Bond Street just because the tabloids are yapping about engineering issues they don’t understand.

  8. WFH isn’t happening? Are you high? We’re not going back, not now, not ever. If the banking and insurance industry wants to keep the dud workers who can’t move to somewhere with more flexible working – welcome to the brain drain.

  9. No offense, but one reason I like this channel is that you don’t see the narrator. With so much of YouTube there’s an element of “Look at me!” But the B1M comes off as more professional b/c it’s not like that at all.

  10. I haven't followed the Crossrail project at all, but somehow upon seeing this on my feed I thought "it's Bond Street, isn't it?" Guess I've been paying more attention than I thought.

  11. Enough whining about public infrastructure projects. Engineering always over- runs and you fail to point out the treasury cuts to the original budgeting. Just get on with Crossrail 2. The reason this country is falling behind in terms of modern infrastructure are the naysayers and NIMBYs that make life for our engineers a nightmare. As Alister Morton (deliverer of the Channel Tunnel) observed , the British like to ' reverse into the future '.
    The failure of Britain to fully electrify it's rail network , is coming home to roost with skyrocketing carbon fuel and materials costs. London is a global metropolis / mega city and deserves top quality infrastructure as well as improved rail across the whole country. The two go hand in hand and are not mutually exclusive. A huge opportunity in public investment has been lost over the last decade, with low interest rates and pathetic kitchen sink economics in attempting to balance the current account . The ignorance of government ministers is monumental , with people like Nadine Dorries even unaware of zero public funding for Channel 4 public broadcasting . I remember well when the original Channel rail tunnel was cancelled in 1975 by the Labour Government . Such short sightedess

  12. B1M, well done again. Good to see, that your channel has got "important enough" to get you access to projects more directly than ever before in the recent months. This might not have been possible on "classic media" like TV before for a kind-of special topic like this. You are really doing a great job and you are bringing your expertise and passion for construction to the world.

    Go on like this, please!

  13. I love that the couple's masks at 0:36 are identically patterned to the seat fabric of the train. Looks like they're wearing volunteer or press badges, so probably deliberate, but threw me for a loop for a moment!

    Great video as always!

  14. Love the B1M videos, nicely done! Okay, now on to my issue. Why is ANYPLACE in the UK building such major and majorly costly infrastructure projects when the UK has done NOTHING about rooting out and preventing racial, ideological, or religious terrorism? The shootings and stabbings need to be dealt with FIRST, and not be ignored! Or did the UK just simply figure that terrorism is now a cost of doing business and just budget in the cost of rebuilding these stations every few years after they get bombed, shot up, or otherwise turned into bloody terrorist killing fields? This is a serious question and until it is answered to my satisfaction, I'll not be wanting to ride this new London Underground.

  15. I am disappointed that Fred wasn't smoking hot in this video! Bad hair day and dad jeans! 🤢 Drooling over Fred's hotness us why i subscribe to this channel!

  16. What can't goverment just say "Hey this project is going to cost one billion dollars and if you can get it under budget and ahead of schedule you can keep the rest of the money" I feel like that might be good ensentive.

  17. While I do like to see/hear about construction projects on this channel, I really like the ones that will benefit the public at large, not just the uber wealthy…looking at you tall thin buildings on NYC's billionaires row. Interesting construct, but mainly benefits the (growing) few.

  18. Modern engineering globally operates with the guarantee that projects will always be over budget and always be late and if the people in charge are asked why they will always give some pat answer that answers nothing…

  19. Dumbfuck companies forcing people back to the office when so many of our jobs can be worked from home. This gives the employee more free time, less of an impact on the environment due to less travel, less car use, less gas used, and it saves the employee money. And it can save the employer money by not having to rent out so much office space. But these idiots in the Old guard can't understand or handle change. I can't wait till all these old executives and CEOs are dead so we can get some new, non-retarded millennials in leadership positions

  20. great conclusion statement, i was just thinking the same thing before you said it. despite the cost and time overruns, this was a necessary and massive project that will benefit generations and shape London in the years to come.

  21. So tired of all these clowns crying and blaming the pandemic for everything wrong with the world
    Just admit your own mistakes L O L not the flu

  22. The mismanagement of this project has resulted in the death knell of Crossrail 2, yet Paris already has at least 5 Crossrail lines and the Grand Paris Express project is much larger than Crossrail, it will be interesting to see how the budget goes. I understand that the European base tunnel projects were completed within budget and even early?

  23. "…could force station closures due to overcrowding…"?!?! That doesn't make any sense. If a station becomes overcrowded, people will just choose a different station to use, and the system will be self-regulating. Closing stations would make even MORE overcrowding!

  24. Ah yes…the "pandemic". I just hated stepping over so many dead bodies on the streets on my way to work throughout 2020 and 2021! People were literally dropping dead like flies!
    But guess what…US billionaires alone collectively increased their wealth by 1 trillion $. Big Tech, Big Pharma, megacorporations, mainstream media and governments all profited handsomely, while the common people are cooped up at home getting poorer, fatter and more depressed.

  25. The line looks great, and I think the learning from pulling out companies like Skanska should be shared – for some of these companies they've used overruns of projects as business as usual profit hikes.

    As a Northerner though, it's remarkable how little fuss was made for Crossrail a city-wide project, vs HS2 a nationwide project, and yet the budgets are nowhere near the same price per mile. What's seen as necessary infrastructure spend in London seems to be measured vs other things outside London (we need to spend on health not trains)

  26. With the horrible news and events in Ukraine, it is nice to hear about positive events and humanity working together and building good things for all to benefit from. This is so diametrically opposite to those events it makes us all realize that we can rise above the hate.

  27. If London can build new, state-of-the-art train stations, why can't New York? Hell. At least build platform barriers like Asia and Europe do. What a disgrace America is. Coughing up excuse after excuse rather get anything done. We really need to get our priorities straight.


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