Inside Fighting Tactics for Boxing

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Comment (149)

  1. Today I used the popping out at different angles techniques that you posted yesterday. I often pop out, but only straight back. It didn't take me much time to do it at all the angles except 90 degrees, but it was great! This is already becoming part of my game!
    I am short and always need to close with my opponent, and because my basis is in Muay Thai, not boxing, the head movements come but slowly to me, but I do see the need. So thx again for a great video JT!

  2. For a second when I first saw it I though the insignia on the back of JT's shirt was a Black Panther image from Marvel comics. even though it is a exclamation point the shape of the head with the angled eyes would be a good representation as it is in the shape of the character's head. it is dark, menacing look of seriousness that could have been used for the promotion of the future Black Panther film.

  3. You should make an outside-fighting video, as I've only seen outside fighting drills on your channel. When's the Muhammad Ali footwork breakdown video gonna come? 🙂

  4. Just started using a heavy bag for the first time ever in the last month. Got to say your videos are great. I'm particularly trying to pick up your footwork. I'm getting reasonable with the jab and straight right but struggling with my left hook in re planting my feet in a combo motion. Any tips?

  5. Jason, thank you very much for this video.
    Can you please tell me, why do you hit hooks like you cut a peace of the bag, instad of digging your punch in? I remember the vid you plased, where you said, that the jaw is a small target and it is enough to hit the front side of the bag . I agree but still cant understand, why you dont punch hooks perpendicular to the bag.
    I am not sure, I have explained my qwestion right, but if you anderstood it, please, let me know.
    Again, thank you for youre channel – a wach you for over a year and allways find interestind stuff over and over.

  6. I'm a big fan and a complete beginner at boxing, but I want to get pretty serious as I'm really enjoying it.

    I go to the Gym once a week (It's open more often, but the trainers say I should train for a month or two once a week before going to extra sessions as I won't really be taught basics there). 

    I see you're pretty well built. What exercises would you reccomend for building strength in a boxer? Do you use weights? What do you think of Sit-Ups for core training, there are a lot of conflicting minds on Sit-Ups, I'm thinking about training towards the L-Sit instead. Is this a good idea?

  7. Hey I have been boxing for quite some time now and your videos have really helped me out. I want to have my first amateur fight soon. How do I know when I'm ready to have my first fight? 

  8. Yo jt has your email changed? Tried sending you a request but it bounced back. It's the same email I used when ordering your clips. Have you got similar I can purchase but from a southpaw stance?

  9. Very helpful!
    When I drill from home working in footwork, technique & form and I feel like in getting it down. Bit then go to the gym and am completely out of rhythm, awkward & uncomfortable.
    Why is this?
    Is this common ?
    I'm using the heavy bag, uppercut bag doing basic combos and punches. Also shadow boxing in the ring.
    It's discouraging because I feel like in starting from scratch and have made no progress. Almost as if it's the first day walking into the gym again!

  10. By far best YouTube channel I've seen. Great videos and regular uploads along with replies to anyone needing help really great job keep it up man.

  11. JT… I have been training for 3 years in the gym with minimal instruction. I really do appreciate the time and effort you put in these videos. You explain things very well as well as show them on your videos. Please keep posting. There's still real cats out here that want to better themselves inside and outside the ring and your positive mindset and instructions is going to take me to the next level. ALSO. I have looked at a lot of your videos and I was wondering if u can post a double end and a uppercut bag video. Maybe a speed bag too. YOU GOT THE JUICE KID. God bless you.

  12. Hey Jason, I got a question that might seem abit irrelevent to this video. I recently bought a pair of hand stitched leather gloves, but on one glove it has a wider spread on the inner part where the palm opening starts (the downward V sort of speak) compared to the other glove., they have a velcro strap. Is this normal, will it effect my performance? I don't know if I should either turn them in, try to exchange it for a different glove of the same kind, or should I keep them?

  13. I have been boxing for about 9 months now and I have an inside fighting style. The problem is I don't have much experience in the ring but im good at cutting my opponent off. The problem is when I move in to throw land some shots he manages to move out the corner or off the ropes. Is there an approach I can take to stop this from happening more often?

  14. I have been following your videos since last year, It really helped me to build up my skills in boxing as a beginner… your every moves and tactics have motivated me, I will be waiting for more tutorials. Thanks a lot JT Van V.

  15. You are a very good teacher. I was actually practicing this last week to improve my liver shots inside the body. I ended up doing those punches staying out of my center line. Hey also you can do trick shots and your opponent will think you will do more body punches you can do a cross punch straight to the jaw or nose or uppercut. That is the advantage of this and you are set up for power lowered down. He will try to counter your cross but you will block the hook. 

  16. Great stuff JT…I teach this to my guys all the time.  I love that shift.  I explain it as letting the punch carry you but explaining it as a shift might make more sense to some of my guys.  Thanks for taking the time to make these videos.

  17. Hey JT, good Afternoon. I'm From brazil and aways watch your vids. Man i'm a short southpole boxer, so i'm aways inside trying to cut distance and do bodyshots. But for being southpole and most the time my opponents are not southpoles i realize things are different than the usual when inside trowing body shots. Please give me some tips about it! Regards from Brazil, Marcelo.

  18. Nice vid ! 
    Im looking for some tutorial how to train on boxing bag. When I punch a bag he should stay in one position or should he sway ? thanks for reply


  19. Am I able to order those gloves with custom ventilation holes?(I noticed you have a customization option on the website). In your experience how do gloves without ventilation holes compare to those with them?(in terms of drying out and smell)

  20. Thanks JT! As a current MMA fighter I'm picking up a lot of pointers from your vidz.  Some of your techniques have been helping me build better boxing fundamentals.

  21. hey JT can you post a video on how to deal with people who are southpaw as far as movement and attack techniques.  I feel people who are southpaw are more used to boxing people who are right handed because there's more of us around.

  22. I like the whole concept of starting up top nd dropping then throwing to the other side, i can see how they wouldnt be expecting that, the only question i have is with your "bump" technique where you offset their balance, is that legal? Cause i imagine if your not supposed to push then u probably wouldnt be able to bump either haha, but im not sure thts why im askin

  23. i love your videos man you are the best!! i really want to train under ur coaching
    a question about ur DVD, do you send a recorded one in the email or it is an actual DVD? and do you ship all over the world?

    thanks man for ur videos keep it up

  24. Thank you very much JT for such good videos,been in boxing for 8 years myself,but stopped competing for 2 years so now work much by my own because of job.Use to watch your videos,they make me very motivated to train,even bought your app for android.Keep going like that 🙂 thanks /Jevgenij

  25. Been watching you for three years now, ive applied some of your advice throughout the years with my own boxing skils im currently 11-3 in my gym! Thanx a lot ur a real inspiration!

  26. I watch your videos all the time and after watching this one I was wondering could you make a video on Brandon Rios tactics. He IMO is the best inside fighter today.

  27. Hey man juat wanted to know im a fresh boxer. Looking to work on power what oz boxing glove should i be using i weight 139 and also what oz should my proffesional boxing gloves be?

  28. My coach was telling me to square myself off when i'm on the inside to allow me to have both hands for offense, what's your thoughts on this. I was digging my shoulder into his chest and I felt like I couldn't get off any good shots.

  29. Would you or anyone give me more fights &/or fighters to look at for inside fighting tactics? Not just all out Mexican brawlers, looking to be able to get inside, throw punches, move my head, use my defence, get out, create angles. Etc…. I guess anyone who isn't a pure Mexican style boxer. I try to teach myself a few things for self defense and exercise. I don't see Mexican style brawling working much in a street fight.

  30. thanks for the tips man. In fighting has been my style for I got heavy punches but slower and shorter arm. Can you make a video on how to catch and bring down an outboxer using in fighting. Thanks a lot anyway, great help indeed.


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