Inside Cyberpunk 2077’s Disastrous Rollout

Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most anticipated video games of all time. Its developer, Poland’s CD Projekt Red, was beloved by fans and critics alike. But inside the company, employees depicted a process marred by poor planning, technical shortcomings and unrealistic timelines. When it came to building one of the most complex games ever conceived, a focus on marketing at the expense of development spelled disaster.

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Comment (1,467)

  1. This makes me wanna Save Gamefreak, because it gave me something no one can give.

    CD Projekt Red should be taken down and Marcin Iwinski be arrested due to deceiving everyone that was hyped for a decade.

    This is the biggest lie not only in all of video gaming history but also all of the 21st century.

    Save Gamefreak: ✅
    Save CD Projekt Red:❌

  2. Gamers just need to understand. If you yearn for open world gangster and punk games, you look for Rockstar! No one surpass, and no one come close. I never had high expectation for cyberpunk, not even affected by the hype. Coz i know who would have make it better.

  3. AI will make game developers not needed anymore. Game developers are idiots. I would never do game dev. I only do web dev and software dev. This wont be made by AI for a long time, while game will be AI in a couple of years. All these game dev who suffer 14 h work will be replaced without a cent of money. Idiots

  4. I thought they just undermise the job, it's much more complicate than wither3. The gun fight, the fly car, the skyraper, all the digital device require new interaction and system to support them. I hope they can learn a lesson from it, not just take the money and leave. BTW, the story telling is still great, even better then wither3.

  5. I loved the whole game if it worked even decently I would of never got a refund I beat the game 2 times in the first 2 months! I love it I still love it but the bugs man it's just too much rip cyberpunk gone but never forgotten

  6. I feel like no one has covered the money trail of who shorted this company and earned millions off the backs of its investors and clients. This would be a great topic to look into.

  7. "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see your self become the villain"
    Making their own bespoke Game Engine was their biggest mistake, instead of using an existing proven Game Engine like Unreal or Unity.

  8. When you rush released a game full of bug, it becomes trash. I now understand why valve seems to never release HL3 or rockstar games never release GTA 6, they avoid backlash from gaming community due to bugs when their new game is released. It may be in development right now.

  9. On PC it was not that bad. I spend over 200 hours and completed the story mode 4 times. I didn’t focus on glitches, but just playing the game.

  10. If it wasn't for CD Projekt lying about what Cyberpunk really was, I would still have some fun playing the game. The main story is very well written and Night City is an astonishing map full of side quests and collectibles. You can really enjoy certain aspects of the game but then you remember that CD Projekt promised something else: They said that every NPC in the game would have different looks and its own AI, they said that Cyberpunk would be a first-person RPG (it's definitely a shooter) and they promised a fully developed product by December (and here we are, 6 months later without a fully fixed game).

  11. game companies should just stick to easy multiplayer gacha games, thats the norm now, blockbuster story driven are just too expensive to make these days and not worth the flak

  12. Played on release date. Encountered only one game-breaking bug. The issue was that the city felt lifeless compared to GTA. The game would also has an actual ending, unlike GTA. The story was an absolute masterpiece tho. Will do a replay once they sort things out.

  13. Here is hoping CD Project Red will be able to dig through their enormous mountain of cash, which they earned by screwing everybody who made them what they are today, and find right at the bottom … their brains, their common sense and their dignity. Which they lost while cooking up marketing scemes. I want them to get back into the saddle and put all the work and heartfelt love into the Cyberpunk franchise they can muster,, put this mess behind them and – "… pull a No Man's Sky" !!!

  14. F this game! I preordered the most expensive edition, gave the game to my nephew two days after pick up. I ll never buy a game from this studio again

  15. Dont understand why they would make outlandish comments like

    the most realistic believable city in any open world game to date.

    You know what you have, you basically don’t have any Ai
    Why say that?

    Did they just run out of money was that it?

  16. Tell me how DOOM Eternal was only delayed once by only four months and it turned out to be one of my favorite games ever while Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed multiple times, yet it still came out the way it did.

  17. I got a game breaking bug that halted all progress during the TUTORIAL. After it was delayed a year.
    I’m NEVER gonna get over that 40 minute demo footage they faked. Never. Trust is GONE. I’m done buying games.

  18. They were all trying to appease the higher ups and people who owned stock in the game. They had so much pressure to release the game so they eventually had to cave. I don't think cd project red will make this mistake again.

  19. Huh, it’s almost like we should’ve listened when we were told as kids not to procrastinate. Especially when you have people’s livelihoods on the line and those same people are picking up YOUR slack.

    Funny that huh?

  20. I dont mind the bug / glitch since they can be fix im way more worried by the boring gameplay and those interactive cinematic that change nothing to the story itself. They should have delayed the game for 1 or 2 more years.

  21. This video makes you think that the biggest problems of Cyberpunk 2077 are bugs, glitches and his poor optimisation on old gen consoles. It is not like that!

  22. Most big business executives have a lot of excuses for the only true reason for overexploit workers, a bottomless greed. But maybe the game industry is one of the worst offenders. Just hire more programers and testers, there is a superabundance of them in all countries.

  23. This whole thing just describes software developmemt in general with this siniseter tone. We all work in open plan offices, we all worked from home during covid. This is nothing to do with cyberpunk 2077

  24. and I'm not even a gamer (although I DO respect the amazing in-worlds artistry – except for the detailed violence in some of them, yuck!)…and have, in the past, very much enjoyed some of the non-gaming, virtual 3D world environments..socially & for live music, poetry..longtime, favorite terrestrial radio talk shows streaming in them, etc.).

    but even I, upon seeing those computer graphics thought, 'got dam!' * the samples of that game-space are *beautiful and it actually almost EXISTED, in totality?? and THEN the-powers-that-be behind it frakked it UP THAT badly?? I mean, wow! & what a shame.😐🤦🏾‍♀️

  25. Even if we looked past all the bugs, the story was mediocre at best, or at least thats what i think. Undercooked ideas that must have been put into the oven for much MUCH longer.

    Bland gameplay mechanics, and brainless ai's roaming the streets. Its a nice game to look at and thats about it.

    Theres a stark contrast between the 2013 reveal trailer and what we got in the end. The reveal feels like this dark dystopian world filled with crime and cool robot arms, meanwhile the game we got is basically gta just reskinned to look nice.

  26. They actually reached out to YongYea when he and other “journalists” were partially responsible for the false promises and hype spreading smh

  27. Isn't it normal for a company to hype up the price of a stock, for some people to cash out and look it drop to nothing? Isn't it called insider trading or something?

    E: This is why I don't get super excited over games and pre-order them. I can still play the classics that have the gaming community's support, especially ones that allow modding. I love certain Bethesda games and Neverwinter Nights -like games for that, but still worried that their future games are going to turn into s**t.

  28. "Gamers understand pushback"… I remember loads of them joking that 2077 will be the release date. But to be honest I'm amazed they got to that point. They attempted a game without scope and actually shipped something. That huge city with cutting edge graphics. You're not supposed to do that, it's supposed to be low poly or mid range. That's impressive.


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