Inside Bassist Nathan East’s California Castle

Grammy-nominated musician Nathan East takes us through a tour of his six-bedroom home in Tarzana, Calif. The estate features an open and relaxed layout with references to his family, famous friends and his music.
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Comment (521)

  1. A percent of a percent of very very talented musicians don’t have a day job or a spouse that supports the family. I have personally known musicians who have played with famous artists and must work at a regular job (that has a flexible schedule) to make ends meet. One musician who played for a very famous artist has to paint houses (and he is 60 years old).

  2. Amazing guy, and I love his energy.. But man is the video going to lead to a lot of broken dreams. The music industry scene this guy worked to build what he has no longer exists.

  3. Nathan is like the go-to bassist of the icons of music. We probably even listen to music that we have no idea that he's the one playing the bass. And he deserves every accolade he ever had.

  4. It's amazing how such expensive houses can be so tacky. It just looks like a MacMansion on steroids. And really? a Klimt in the bedroom? I don't understand it, can't you already afford a really good interior designer. Like, one that actually learned how to design interiors in Europe and not in Kentucky?

  5. I feel like bass is the glue in the band that binds rhythm and chord progression together. And many times bass is the one that gives the groove to the song along with vocals

  6. Man Nate ,you got it going on.A beautiful home,A gorgeous family,and an unbelievable wonderful career.What more does a man want?.Congratulations bro,you've earned every fruit of your labor of love,so savor every morsel of it! Peace.

  7. Nathan east one bad mother shut your mouth talking about Nathan LOL I love this brother I met him at the Capital Jazz Fest favorite jazz group Fourplay! I'm so proud of you man!!❤💯

  8. Hello Mr. Nathan East, how are you, I'm a great fan of The Fourplay, and I'm desperately trying to collects all of Fourplay collections, unfortunately all the HMV had closed down due to the covid , a.d cannot order thru Amazon caused I don't own any Credit cards, Mr. East is it any possible ways you help me with this, I'd be deeply appreciated if you could help me, please kindly advise and help me with this , thanking you in advance for your kindest attention and assistance, and looking forward to your response, God Bless?!


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