Infinite Spiritomb Exploit in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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  1. How does using this exploit to encounter the same Pokemon repeatedly make the shiny you MIGHT get invalid, that makes no sense please tell me your logic. You're not messing with the odds or anything other than skipping the hassle of setting up an encounter with spiritomb.

  2. Hey Austin, don't know if you're aware but going in and out of a pokemon hideaway in the underground resets shiny spots for digging. Found it useful when a light stone even was about to proc to get quicker gorgeous boxes.

  3. Austin take into account there's already a clipping glitch to go out of bounds and reach Shaymin early. See if it interests you as possible content, but keep in mind this might be a future event distribution and getting it means, well, in the future we won't have the event again (unless it refreshes when the event item is obtained).

  4. I was trying to complete my pokédex but i was mashing the a buttun to much and tradid my zamazenta away by axadent with the rusted shield so please give me a zamzenta with the rusted shield or a zacian with the rusted sword pleeeeeeease

  5. I'm one of the people still in the first two minutes of the game (and it is pain) but definitely gonna try this out when I get there. Do you know if I close the game as it says "Now saving…" or do I wait until it's gone?

  6. Austin, I feel so called out when you said people still stuck in the first 2 minutes of the game.. I’ve been here since launch and still Piplup hasn’t shined for me. Part of me really wants to quit so I can just play, and the other doesn’t want to give up because then it’s a waste of time/there will always be that what if in my head 😩

  7. I almost became one of those people who are stuck in the first two minutes shiny hunting their starter. Then I realized (after an hour and a half) that I don’t even really like piplup’s shiny that much and decided to just play the game and breed for a shiny later

  8. i randomly got pokerus yesterday (i was only like 2 hours into the game) ill be catching spiritombs and give them pokerus for christmas (if wonder trade is here before then)

  9. This isnt an exploit(beneficial one at least) at all. You're just wasting space in your boxes. When you're shiny hunting, why would you want to fill your boxes with spiritomb, like, they arent shiny, and they arent doing anything. Just do the ol save before hand, not a shiny? Reset, try again.
    Trying to get one with a good nature? Same thing, just reset and try again. That or breed with a ditto with the appropriate nature and everstone.
    Like, what are you going to do with all those spiritombs???

    (Also yes, spiritomb are breedable)


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