INEOS Launch Operation ‘Keep Carlos Rodriguez Safe’ | Vuelta a España 2022 Stage 19

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Comment (46)

  1. LR Thanks a bunch
    To all the cyclists a lot of uuuuuuuppppiiiiiiiisssssss
    Very well done ✅
    Belgium Star ⭐🌠 Remco Evenepoel, keep it up bebé just a few more days
    Best wishes from spectacular and romantic City 🌆 of Spain "MADRID"
    🇧🇻 💖🇧🇻🐺🇧🇻💞🇧🇻💝🇧🇻

  2. Its close now Mads P No fuck ups tomorrow! First time win a green jersey
    For a Dane! 10 win of the season Jay
    Dont really care for a 4 the. Win Sunday.
    Green jersey more important. Will
    Moviestar try again Saturday, last chance!

  3. Thanks LR. Lot of effort on your part to do these reviews. Funny how in both the Tour and Vuelta the green jersey comp has been dominated by a sprinty-climby boi.

  4. I love LR vids. Even though I watch the race every day, I am always excited to hop on the vid and hearing "Almeida starts pacing". Today was no Almeida pacing but tomorrow…


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