Indoor Skydiving: Human Flight, No Plane Required

Imagine the thrill of skydiving, but without a plane or parachute. WSJ’s Geoff Foster checked out iFly Westchester in Yonkers, N.Y., where indoor skydiving packages for first-timers start at $79.95. Photo/Video: Jennifer Weiss/The Wall Street Journal

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Comment (382)

  1. I like to go there sometimes because I like to fly in real live so I hope in my birthday its cana happens and to go to harry potter universal to do some magic and to get harry potter magic wand for real spells because I like to have super powers magic to control everything on my mind

  2. No pillow needed nor bed. FLOAT ASLEEP, using a new sleeping bag with a skin that abraises air (non slippery) to help you stay stationary while float– sleeping. But them how upon waking do you land safely ?? Well,let's look into it. Maybe Elon musk or some other billionaire could do R&D ! 🙂 Begin a company for this new therapeutic endeavour .. I don't have that kind of dough.

  3. 'simulated skydiving'. in real skydiving, the 'G' forces are net-force downward, acceleration is down. you feel weightless. here, the person isn't in a zero-G environment.

  4. Taking my 7 year old there tomorrow for her birthday! Can’t wait comes with a video recording too! Going to surprise her and pull her out of school! She always tells me, “daddy why can’t we fly? I wanna fly for my birthday!”

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  6. This is exactly how i describe the movement i get in my dreams, i feel nearly buoyant and as if i have low gravity, it’s genuinely the best feeling ever and i want to try this so badly

  7. I just took my two younglings there, and it was amazing! The suspense is what's gets you the most. Once you're in there it's a smooth ride. 🤙🤙

  8. I went there 9 months ago when I was nine and I’m still nine soooooo they will help you fly u can go high or low if you want sorry I spoiled it


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