India’s Most Powerful Destroyer Has Arrived INS Visakhapatnam

India’s Most Powerful Destroyer Has Arrived INS Visakhapatnam By Prashant Dhawan

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Comment (1,891)

  1. India need to thinking on China because Pakistan already under economic collapse situation and accelerating way to another disintegration. In 1998 our former Defence Minister George Fernandez statememt that India should to look on China but on that time Indian think tank never thought about that because 1999 Kargil war against Pakistan. As a enemy's Pakistan always in prime focus of India already four direct wars happened 1947,1965,1971,1999 and 1984 Siachen Operation Meghdoot.
    In tweenty first century total geopolitical scenario shifting towards China and the CCP centric policy. China's present time aggression policy and land encroachment idea totally demolished the sovereignty of the some nation best example Humbantota in Srilanka, Guadar in Baluchistan and Laos. There have no doubt India far behind on the comparison of Navy strengths than China. But India have to intent strongly and also capability to fulfill the gaps by Make in India programme.

  2. kya fayada insab taamjhaam ka jab pakistan or sri lanka jese tucche desh hamre fisher men ko goli maar dete hai..

    chinka kya darega jab sri lanka tak jo farak ni padta…

  3. Sir China itna aage hai kyunki waha loktantar nahi hai ek party system hai jo sahi haibapne desh ke lye Kam krte hai.
    Hamare desh mai paisa hai or usko election jeetne mai lagate hai jiska desh ko koi faida nahi hota.
    China paisa desh pr lagata hai jiski wapisi usko milti hai aur wo aage hai humse.

  4. I think Our country is competing only with china.. But China has a unbelievable goal.. To rule the world with military power and economic power. So they are competing with USA and other technological power holders..So India should have a worldwide target instead of competing only with china

  5. Alternate dundhna padega warna qty badhayenge to kangal ho jayenge Russia F35 nahi Bana sakta lekin S500 se 50 F35 mar ke Gira sakta he hame bhi alternate dundhna padega jay hind.

  6. Shallow water attack craft is a small size corvette size ship which can be converted to frigate if needed. Main characterstics is it is more agile, can use anti submarineoperatiins ,less radar cross section. Can be deployed in small sized ports also

  7. but there is a catch with Uss Zumwalt class that people or experts say that is a failed project just like f35 in other words we can say the destroyer was an expensive mistake. although destroyer is very capable but it's too expensive to maintain with very narrow operational needs.

  8. Pehle india ko infrastucture build karna chahiye jisse videshi compnay yaha invest kare aur india k paas paisa aaye , uske baad
    Hi ham itne mehnge project afforad kar sakte hai.

    Pair utne hi pasaro jitni chaddar.

    Dhire , dhire Sab Hoga
    Sabr aur center mai Modi Jaise Leader Chahiye.


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