India’s Booming Population

United Nations, New York, July 2011 – Every two seconds, 10 babies are born – pushing the global population to 7 billion. At the forefront, India, which experts estimate will overtake China as the most populous nation on the planet within twenty years, even as India’s growth levels off. So just how is this nation coping with such a dramatic increase?

21st Century – Show 56 – India’s Booming Population

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  1. benefits, how. Are you out of your mind. Indian population have no jobs, and they moving abroad to every country to work for cheaper salaries, what's removes jobs to the one they already need, pollution increasing, natural habitat destroyed. Animals extinct, global warming, only governments are making money and government corruption increasing , rich becoming richer and poor more poorer , and your solution is to have more kids, grow up

  2. What India needs is lots of people to die. (More so the elderly because they've had their lives and severely disabled people if they can't walk, talk or do anything). And also taxing people for giving birth to a second child or more.

  3. Why the UN nation doesn't presrise to the Govt. of india to decrease the population, after all it is matter of Global, more peoples more garbadge, vehicles,more requirments of electricity, more water consumption, more chemical usees in the factories……etc. all are these things not good for the global envoirnment ……….

  4. India only sikh punjabi people good. Every punjab only make 1kids some punjabi couple not make kids. And any indian Muslim 10 kids hindu 5 kids .before 19 sentury punjabi popolation 1crore and now 20 sentury sikh Punjabi state popolation 1crore 50 lakh..and right now another indian come punjabi Sikh state and there people distroye. Now punjab 3 crore popolation. 2 crore another Indian come to punjab. Ajukation sistam problem.i think next 30 year people eating people please world make the new world order. Safe the world.


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