India Changed Law on Nuclear Weapons| WMD Law Amended because of FATF

India Changed Law on Nuclear Weapons| WMD Law Amended because of FATF | By Prashant Dhawan

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Comment (0)

  1. Wonderfull of you Prashant as everytime. Simply outstanding
    You are truely intrumental in bringing correct information and analysis of it. Truely a very responsible educater.
    God speed you up. Thanks.

  2. *This amendment helps a country to take immediate actions against persons involving in Illegal development & Financing of Weapons of mass destruction, which is highly probable to be used by a Non-State actor against a country
    *This was advised by a UN Resolution & later by FATF, to make it as a mandatory law to enforce in their respective jurisdiction & punish the individual to punish for funding weapons of mass destruction
    *This prevents Handling of Weapons of Mass Destruction which kills people on Mass scale(Nuclear+Biological+Chemical weapons)
    *To prevent it's financing, state can block the assets/bank accounts of that individual
    *This is primarily for states in Black/Grey list

    Thus, the act-
    Weapons of Mass Destruction and Their delivery Systems will be amended
    *This act already punishes people who aid, transfer the development of any mass destruction weapons to a Non-State actor
    *This amendment helps govt to freeze their assets with immediate effect
    *Therefore, an internal law in their respective countries will be made by this treaty's signatory

  3. उठो मेरे शेरो, इस भ्रम को मिटा दो कि तुम निर्बल हो। तुम एक अमर आत्मा हो, स्वच्छंद जीव हो, धन्य हो, सनातन हो। तुम तत्व नहीं हो, तत्व तुम्हारा सेवक है तुम तत्व के सेवक नहीं हो।

  4. Ans-(A) Vinay Mohan Kwatra🇮🇳🇮🇳 -Vinay Mohan Kwatra🇮🇳, a diplomat for over 32 years, will be India’s next Foreign Secretary, succeeding Harsh Vardhan Shringla🤵, who retires on April 30

  5. This is the perfect opportunity for the India to reclaim POK cause Imran khan government has fallen and no election will be held till 2023 . And our missile power is getting stronger day by day. JAI HIND🇮🇳

  6. After This Step WE are VERY much Clear That We (India) has Upgraded the Turm of Defensive to Regressive. Since we are Bound to no First use but now ANYTHNG would be POSSIBLE.🤘🏻😄

  7. It's a great move by the Indian government for international peace as we all know that many of Randians found guilty in smuggling uranium in black market

  8. If India wants to claim pok then this is the best time there is total instability in Pakistan and other major countries are busy in Ukraine and Russia . India have to go for it


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