In Too Deep: The race to save our seas

In this special report, Sky’s Ed Conway takes a look at our economic relationship with the oceans across the world.

The ocean is our common source of food, our common source of transport but also our common dustbin.

But where has our relationship with the ocean gone wrong and can it be fixed?

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Comment (21)

  1. Hey these aren’t new, video of Researchers in there submersibles 10 years ago
    Down 5 miles deep
    Has shrimp & crabs crawling & swimming all around the hot venting gas
    Water around vents where the marine life is 160-180 degrees F
    Most likely breathing CO2 or methane gas
    But most likely CO2
    UTube video’s are Online
    Just do a search
    Researchers were most amazed by the pressure at that depth
    Temperature around the gas vents
    That most likes used CO2 for respiration

    Awesome eh !

    Good evidence for Similar life on other Planets
    Just is there Intelligent life on other planets
    If so how advanced would they get to ?

  2. There should be a 10 year ban on all comercial seafood fishing across the planet…what that is not possible…I hope an asteroid hits this planet and wipes humans out. Man is the creature that needs extermination because of mans greed and selfishness.

  3. 1800 TONS OF TUNA in 18 DAYS!!!! One of thousands of ocean PILLAGERS!!! Unnecessary and OUTRAGEOUS!!! King Jesus, please come and save the world from our greed, ignorance and stupidity!

  4. So what? Give up eating fish, personally I can't stand it. Give up eating meat. Are there enough fields in the world to feed the world's population. And then the term Climate change, what a term. The climate has always changed, it has never been static. And then the pandemic. Is this an attempt by the old ruling classes to grab back power from the common 'Man'. And what a better way, by trying to shame him. That's what this is all about, a power grab. Don't be blind, don't be a zombie!

  5. Today is Jan, 8th 202. The American government has been overthrown by communist and socialist. The future of the world is now controlled by China. Our planet will be ravaged for everything it can until there aren't any renewable natural resources. This is just the beginning of the end

  6. So the oceans reefs are dying from pollution and the coals are being bleached by the sun and then rebar domes are put in the same place and the corals come back ,so what am i missing here ?


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