In The Heat Of The Night: By Duty Bound

Carroll O’Connor and Carl Weathers star in this special “In The Heat of the Night” feature-length movie. Gillespie’s (O’Connor) term as County Sheriff is coming to an end, and his enemies have found a local businessman, Kerry Madigan (John Calvin), who has high political aspiration, to run against him. They even attempt to enlist Forbes’ (Weathers) support and the support of the local press in painting an unfavorable picture of Gillespie. Meanwhile, the police suspect Frank Cole (Corbin Bernsen), one of Madigan’s employees, of murdering a pregnant woman. When they request a warrant to test Cole’s blood for a DNA match of the dead woman’s baby, the judge, who respects Madigan and his employees, is unwilling to approve it. It’s a case of political intrigue in remote Sparta!

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  1. I met Caroll O'Connor in a restaurant when I was a kid. The guy couldn't have been nicer. My jaw dropped when he passed by. He was probably surprised that someone so young knew who he was. Enjoyed all of his work.


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