In The Heat: Give Me Your Life

In this special “In The Heat of the Night” movie event, Bill Gillespie (Carroll O’Connor), Chief Hampton Forbes (Carl Weathers) and the Sparta police investigate allegations of child abuse in a mysterious religious cult run by a charismatic leader (special guest star Peter Fonda), which leads to a tense — and possibly deadly — stand-off. Mitchell Laurance also guest stars.

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  1. I watched archi bunker in the 70,s
    Then to see him in the movie in the heat of the night, giving the black man soooooo much chit.
    Then you see him on These series,
    Then in this movie going to #Maryablackwomen "priceless"

  2. This show was designed to have good intentions. But it was also designed to make Christians look terrible. Many of the people that worked on this show died or committed suicide. Every place in this world where christ is welcome into the public forum, life gets better, the people prosper. Don’t listen to Hollywood, they will miss guide you.

  3. My first time watching this, I spent the whole episode wondering why they named a character Mark & Tony. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 I watched this episode about 3 times before I realized they were saying Mark Antony or Mark Anthony.

  4. I love the heat of the night i only seen it 1 time on tv i watch all the reruns on bounce tv love this show when rolling departed from this show my opinion it decline ron was mr tip. The. Carl weather gentlemen didn't do it for me ron rolling was the best with carroll oconnor love him as well

  5. This is the kind of crap I be talkin about on my talk show on Facebookthe police always want you to report things that happening in the community then they tell the enemy who called the police on them and then they turn around retaliate on the neighbor if you come to someone with a complaint don't tell him who told you police officer you can get people hurt like that I seen several incidents somebody reported on the neighbor and the police told the person your neighbor called us and the person who did it birthday house down to the groundanytime you get any information police off you keep it to yourself nobody is to know who called the police only you know that in the person who called the police the suspect should know who called the police on

    I had the same thing that happened to me I called the police on one of my neighbor left her underage children at the house by themself police came out talk to the neighbor the goddamn police told the neighbor I called the police on them and guess what the neighbors did to me throw eggs all in my window on my door and everythingso I called the police station talk to the lieutenant there and told him one of your officer told the neighbors I called the police on them and they throw eggs at my doorthe police officer was suspended for five days but giving out information on who called the police on the neighbor you don't supposed to leak that information out to the criminals

    that's the reason why people don't get involved with things that going on in their community because the police go tell the criminal who called the police on them they got it police it's got to do a better job if you want the community corroborate you cannot leaked information on who called the police on the suspects let me give y'all a prime example

    Say I'm a neighbor I live across the street from my neighborI broke it my neighbor's house they call the police and said I did it police come to my house and seeing my neighbor said I broke into a housewhat you think I'm going to do when the police tell me that I'm a criminal I'm going to retaliate against my neighbor I'm going to break the windows out or do whatever I have to

    police officer if you want the neighbors to report things stopped leaking information to the criminals and telling them who called the police on them


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