In Harm’s Way

Producer-director Otto Preminger’s epic treatment of the bombing of Pearl Harbor details the devastating sneak attack on the Naval base as well as the explosive behind the scenes stories.

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  1. Hadn’t seen this movie in a while. Not to find fault but I didn’t see any Japanese planes dropping bombs or torpedoes in the Pearl Harbor scenes and you would think they could’ve afforded some and the sea battle at the end featured some miniature boats not unlike the ones I played with as a kid in the bathtub. But overall an entertaining film and John Wayne is always great.

  2. IMdB "Many of the non-military costumes and hairstyles worn by the women throughout the film were contemporary to the mid-1960s period, during which the film was made, rather than of the early 1940s. This is particularly noticeable at the dance scene , which opens it. Many of the extras in it were, in fact, active-duty officers and their spouses assigned to various commands in Oahu."
    Although glaring it in no way diminishes this story. To me the standout performance is given by Prentiss. (I should note I am ALWAYS drawn to her.) And Neal and Wayne really spark.

  3. Couldn't agree more with John Schmit. This is one classic WWII film. The actors were sublime, the story line was GREAT, and all in all a classic.

  4. What's scary is that all of the explosions in this film are real, full size and everything.
    And yes I know there was no CGI back then, but films were more realistic back then.

  5. absolutely one of the best WWII stories to be put on film. This one film caused me to fall in love with B&W cinematography and photography.

    Personally, I think this is one of John Wayne’s best films and the supporting cast is top shelf. We see many of the great actors in one of their early roles…of note, Robert Michum, Christopher George, Paula Prentiss.

  6. My brother Bill Barnes was casting director and Preminger's right hand man. I sat behind Patricia Neal at the premier in NYC. I was told John Wayne was already sick during the movie. Thoroughly enjoyed it and have waited a while for it to reappear. Good to see so much appreciation.

  7. Anyone have any idea how I can get rid of the "The video may be inapprorpriate for some viewers" BS? I've seen the movie many times and now it won't let me play it.

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  9. Yes, a darn good film. That's why I've heard a number of film "experts" give it a "c" grade. Yet another example of experts not knowing what they are talking about… I liked the length to allow depth development & the acting was darn good too. I recall seeing it the first time 39 years ago when it was mentioned by a navy seabee friend. I enjoyed this free presentation, but on a computer instead of videotape format.

  10. I read the novel by James Bassist who was Adm Halsey:s chief of staff of the battle of the Philippine.Sea on which the novel and the movie is based. More models of navel vessels were used in the production than any other.

  11. Otto did a decent job on this Hollywood WW II Movie literally told in Black & White. Nothing Grey in this great Flick of the mid 60's. I'm really enjoying this Movie where Characters & Story provide for great Drama. Thanks.

  12. Patricia Neal was instructed to cry when telling Wayne he lost his leg. So she kicked her foot on the furnture. After the scene was over, she told the director to get her to the hospital. She broke her foot. True story.

  13. Loves torn asunder by war and betrayal, Kirk Douglas plays a rapist which he was rumored to be in real life, and even the Duke is getting laid. Oh and there was a war going on too. Don’t know much about Otto Preminger who was before my time but from watching this I’d say he could be found at the Playboy Mansion with Hef back in the day.

  14. ParaMarines and Marine Raiders in a John Wayne classic, featuring Kirk Douglas, Carroll O' Connor, George Kennedy, Burgess Meredith, Dana Andrews, Henry Fonda, Hal Holbrook, etc.and ? What's not to ❤️? Awesome Possum Military Movie!!🇺🇸🦅🌎⚓🪂💣💥

  15. Pat O'Neill was a heavy smoker~I can hear it in her voice. Later she got cancer, think it was lung form and it killed her. She was a good actress and she had a veery rough time with cancer. Always liked her in the movies!

  16. Saw this movie the year I enlisted USMC! John Wayne did Green Berets that influenced a good friend to go R.A. in the Army and was in the Green Berets a Reseve Unit before going to Ft. Benning and then Viet Nam! My best friend then and many good memories of those years

  17. This is my favorite John Wayne film. I'm not a film critic. I'm not articulate enough to be one. I can only express my own reaction to this film. In my honest opinion, this film depicts his character as a real human being with the facets we all have. He's courageous, but still able to be afraid. He's highly intelligent and thoughtful, but socially awkward. He's able to express the usual emotional turmoil when (for example) the man he considers to be his best friend betrays him. I'm sure I have many more reasons to like this character and this film. I just don't know how to express it. Have a nice evening everyone.

  18. Who played the couple that woke up on the beach as IJN planes flew overhead and then were killed in the head on collision with a truck?

  19. This movie is absolutely outstanding probably one of John Wayne's most realistic performances. What are we supposed to think about men such as Kirk Douglas's character Captain Eddington? Such war veterans and true warriors as him often leave a trail of broken humanity in their wake after suffering great loss themselves such as death of a spouse or divorce or estranged children.These men fight internal battles seeking refuge in the bottle to fight their demons within. These deeply flawed men are often the real "heroes" that fight our country's wars up close in the face of the enemy. These men are the brave warriors we need to win our wars but during peacetime such men are disparaged as deeply mentally ill persons, alcoholics or drug abusers who have trouble with normal peacetime life of marriage and civilian careers. Captain Eddington is like a proverbial Dr.Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, one part a good normal decent man and the other part a hidden monster filled with evil demons he can't supress inside. We have lots of real and potential "Captain Eddington's" walking in nearly every American town and city after two decades in Iraq and Afghanistan. The trick is for society to help these flawed combat veterans bring out Dr. Jekyl while we help these men fight off Mr. Hyde. We see the cost of Mr. Hyde in broken military families, divorce, domestic abuse, unemployment, alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide rates of these veterans fighting these war demons from within themselves all alone isolated from the structure of their military service family.

  20. I have LOVED this movie since I first saw it in the 70's. Once a year one of the local TV stations would show it in 2 parts in the afternoon on Dialing for Dollars… dad would let me leave school early to come home to watch it 🙂 This and the original Midway are the reasons I wanted to and eventually did enlist since I was aged in single digits 🙂

  21. Missed my first little league game to see this at the only theatre in my home town, coach didn't let me play for the next 2 games. Was it worth it? Seemed so at the time but every time I watch it I can't help but think the 'Duke' would feel like I let my team down. I was the best pitcher on the team and they lost 6 – 0 without me. Funny what follows you through life.

  22. Never forget that both Winston Churchill and FDR knew that the attack on Pearl Harbor was going to happen (they had broken the Japanese purple code long in advance) and intentionally failed to inform the fleet so that the savagery of the attack would help bring America into the war on the side of Joseph Stalin (the second greatest mass murderer who ever lived behind Mao).

  23. I could care less what the "critics" might have to say: This is an excellent film, period. So many big names, some of whom were still quite young and later to become the big names we all know now. John Wayne, Douglas, Fonda, Neal, O'Conner, Pickens… All greats. This movie never pulled any punches and happy endings didn't exist for everyone as it seems to with today's Hollywood reality. Funny how a movie this long seems to last only half the time of movies today that are roughly half the time, eh?

  24. no 3 star admiral could be the buffoon that Broderick is played to be in the script,. and his accepting advice from a civilian commander is also a stretch. Otherwise entertaining movie.


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