Immunotherapy: How the Immune System Fights Cancer

Immunotherapy uses the body’s immune system to fight cancer. This animation explains three types of immunotherapy used to treat cancer: nonspecific immune stimulation, T-cell transfer therapy, and immune checkpoint inhibitors.

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  1. My brother has been receiving a treatment of 4 rounds of one of these immunal therapy's. I am not sure which one it is. He is being treated for metastatic melanoma.

    These are $75,000 per treatment. He getting it for the 2nd time. The doctors are using this for a case study.. I believe he is either the first or one of the first to receive the 4 round therapy for the second time…

    We are praying and very hopefull. 🙏

  2. Does this fall on "tumor promoting immune activity" topic? Im a bit confuse.. Does tumor promoting immune activity is the same as tumor promoting inflammation?

  3. Is there any treatment option for my mom..she was diagnosis with stage 4 Ca urinary bladder with bone metastasis last year then she received chemotherpy of 6 cycles of biogem 600mg and 27 radiotherpy out of 27 …22 on right actibruim bone and remaining 5 on bladder..but this year she had a pain in her left sife of kidney then we go for USG then it shows reccurence of disease and pet shows now left side of her urinary bladder and right iliac bone.. last year was right side .and in january 2019 Dr recommended again 4 cycles of chemothrpy D1 D15..Nab paclitaxel 230mg and gemcitabine 1500mg ..but no relief..and 3 Radiotherpy … but now recently we go for CECt Abdomen pelvis with urography..that reveals lytic lession on right iliac bone and liver metastasis..lung involment..uretus fundus..grade ¡¡ hydronephrosis of kidney..obstruction in kidney pipe….now please is there any immunothrpy treatment for her to recover

  4. Is this treatment something that’s referred by specialist that diagnosed the patient or does the patient needs to sign up by himself/herself at some particular website for treatment like this,only asking because this treatment Kinda looks more promising than a regular chemo therapy, correct me if I’m wrong, great video.

  5. I liked the video so much. I've been trying to research for a YouTube video like yours that really explains the ideas in this YouTube vid. 👩‍⚕️ That idea at 1:31 is my favorite. Your breakdown is like the vids from Dr. Ethan. Dr Ethan's demonstrations are insightful and he helped me on my school!

    I suggest you check out his page out and give the health enthusiast a like here! 👉 #FutureDrEthan

  6. As the immune system is a complex network that connects everything in the body from cells to tissues and organs, it is thought that anticancer treatment through strengthening the immune system will be very effective! It will play a role as a breakthrough anticancer drug in the future!

  7. How about making array comparison of DNA, RNA, proteasome, and glycocalyx etc. cell surface markers. First harvest of undifferentiated (prime?) cells and generating those to the very persons own all cell types. Then comparison within cancer cell and all cell markers. Southern blot, dot blot, western blot etc. VIS absorbance measurement in multiarray of maybe 1000×1000 units, automeasurement with RBG-led input CMOS multicolor absorbance density of substance-ligande binding density. In the ground of founding density of primarily surface markers, start i.v. treatment with at least ten immunogenic upregulating or downregulating substances, IgG or other type. Nibis can be used inside cell, mabis to surface. This treatment could be rheumatoid disease – cancer disease – inflammatory modulating medication. Comparison of impact of treatment could be clinical. Mental, physical, cardiorespiratory and neurological health, force, motoric skills and abilities and sensoric nervous system health. Disease impact could be monitored with ultrasound, CT, MRI, contrast mediator or without, and iron enhanced MRI.

  8. My mother in low pass away by cancer years ago …. she didn’t get treat as the video introduction, her blood was never used to form better T cell to inject back to her , she would get injected by other people’s blood only …….

  9. Cancer sucks too bad I lost someone to cancer. My teacher pancreatic cancer. Her immune system didn't fight she passed from it cancer shut down her body her immune system. I miss her everyday 😢 did her immune system still possibly recognize her cancer? Even though she passed.


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