Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” Banjo Lesson (With Tab)

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  1. HappyBanjoDude has it figured out! I've been courtin' the banjo for 30+ years, but we've never sealed the deal. His stuff is great! Breeds enthusiasm for the nxt gen of banjo players! Learn this stuff!! How about some Railroad Earth- maybe Potter's Field?? Thanks HBD- you do make me smile!!

  2. HappyBanjoDude how you never cease to impress me with your perfectly timed videos. i finish one song and out comes another even more appealing than the last. thankyou for your easy to follow tabs and tutorials and your enthusiasm to each episode, HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE MORE SUBS, SERIOUSLY YOUTUBE GET ON HBD!!

  3. Since you broke the ice with Imagine Dragons, how about "Rocks"? Don't know if it is even that playable, but is sounds like it would make a nice Banjo tune.

  4. HBD,
    I love the vids. I'm a beginner and i was wondering if you could do the theme from Assassin's creed IV. Its a great song and i hope you could post a vid!

  5. awww… now I want to hear a cover for radioactive on banjo… This sounds fantastic, can you please play the whole song…. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. your awesome. I just got cooler to my students thanks to you. I hope you don't mind but I have shared your videos with my banjo students. I wanted to be sure they knew where I found these. Credit where credit is due. They also loved your videos.


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