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In Lasse Linder’s “All Cats are Gray in the Dark,” we enter the world of an older man living by himself in a small city in Austria. Only he’s not alone — he has his two Scottish Fold cats, Marmelade and Katyusha. The cats accompany him everywhere: to the bar, to the grocery store, to the ski slopes. As we watch their relationship unfold, the trio builds a world that’s exclusively and intimately theirs alone — a reminder that families are whatever we make them out to be. All that defines them is love.

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  1. can you imagine if this guy met a woman at a cat event and they fell in love and got married and had their morning coffee with their kitties everyday and took care of them and went into business together breeding cats? omfg. I would cry from the wholesome happiness. He just needs his own crazy cat lady. But only if that would make him happy.

  2. I love that he can take his cats with him to the grocery store and that he can check his mail in his underwear. I wish I could do that. He has a beautiful family and the end is beautiful when the mama cat gives birth to her kittens and he asks Alexa to play a song to them.

  3. Some people aren't used to the thought of a quiet peaceful life can make you happy because with a lot of things showing us that we have to be on our feet we have to be running we have to be doing things and always doing things to be happy we can't take a moment to just appreciate how things already are

  4. I cry and have a moment with my cat every now and then bc she's known me her whole entire life. I love her so much 🥺💖💖💖

  5. WHAT does this man have against pants? Seriously. I've seen too much. Also- this is an unhealthy obsession. You can tell. This dude has become codependent, emotionally, on his cats. It's sad. He needs help.

  6. Extroverts, you guys should know that our definition of happiness is different than yours. We enjoy quiet times with minimal human interactions and ofcourse with the presence of pets in our life. This situation is normal to us, how does it look sad? 😂

  7. This was beautifully filmed but incredibly uncomfortable to watch. It was reminiscent of spying on a virgin trying to seduce a courtesan. The wine-opening moment was worthy of a documentary all of its own. Excellent theatre, wonderful performance.

  8. Most of the time I'm looking forward to be with my cats and dogs. My dream is to live alone with them, no worries, no one else to bother and add problems to your life.

  9. That cat sitting like that is such a mood. He's truly cherishes his cats so much and they are so well behaved. My cats are nuts about everything that i can't even bring them to the park, cuz they went crazy with the birds😂😂

  10. Tbh and i dont mean disrespect to those who have lost loved ones,jobs, etc due to covid, but being "forced" to be home has been wonderful for me. I've spent hours lounging around and having ongoing one way conversations w my cat.

  11. That scene where he tells Marmalade that he loves her with his whole heart 🤔.. then why was he crying in the bathroom? And why treat Katyusha as if she is second fiddle? Cat lovers, answers please.

  12. Originally, we only had two cats at the farm. Every once in awhile, we would find a cardboard box at the end of the driveway, in the morning. I guess people assume that farmers need lots of cats. We probably had around thirty cats when we lost the farm. I often wonder what became of them.

  13. they way he lives in the city i went to school in for 8 years and i used to see him on my lunchbreaks cycling around the city with a cat on his shoulder
    he's an absolut legend

  14. the way it is interpreted is that even if you lose everyone you love you can find closure and a goal in your life. to do what the cat want and the cat will sponge all that negative energy and it will cure you from deppression better than any other drugs. You don't own cat is the cat that own you . Cat know how to take care of himself but let you love him. and it will show.

  15. He seems like a pretty lucky guy! He gets to hang out with his cats, which is something he enjoys, so kudos to him. And I really like the scene were the cats are listening to electronic music. 🙌🙌🙌

  16. I’m tired of hearing people say that you won’t be happy without a lifetime partner. Happiness doesn’t have to look or feel a certain way.

  17. 23 yrs. & 109 day together w my Russian Blue, (Baby Blue) who was all over the US with me but in his car seat & stroller not on my shoulder. My 2 yr. old kitty is just as spoiled & I hope to have as many wonderful years with him.


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