“I’m In Shock!” Matt Storms Off to Call Kelly | I Love a Mama’s Boy

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From Season 3, Episode 8: She’s That Evil
Brittany ambushes Matt to confront him about his mother.

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  1. He has to know better. You know, Kim was too way nice. Not everyone will go like that and allow your mom to be on your side every single time, and I mean it physically too. Matt, your never be able to marry anyone unless you change your mind.

  2. OMG please girl… Brittany you are so much better than that!!! You don't need that little Mama's girl!!!! Yes I said what I said!!! Brittany needs to run not walk RUN… He basically just said I will call my Mama cuz you being mean to me!!! And then what does he do…call Mama!!! Boy get out the closet and find you a good Man!!!

  3. How can he be mad when all him and his mom do is gang up on that girl all the time. Bruh stay married to you mom cuz no girl is going to deal with your bs and controlling toxic mother

  4. Ugh, I do not like him. Just marry your mom already and move on with your day. You are meeting someone she looks up to and cares about their opinion. And you flip out. Not a good first impression dude

  5. His Mom is his best friend, first red flag 🚩he presents narcissistic ( as it is all about him) and I suspect his mother has some personality issues too, she has done him no favours. He needs therapy.

  6. There is no way… any self respecting woman…. Could be sexually attracted to this queen. This show is clearly fake as faaak! Like.. this sexually confused young man couldn’t EVER diss a hetero female on this planet. He too spicy!

  7. This is insane. Matt and kelly should just date. They are so weird. They are like that movie monster in law with j lo..? I think.. I dunno it's crazy. Brittany run girl. You dont need this dude… hes a weird creep.

  8. Matt is either homosexual & is afraid to leave the closet, or he is just extremely effeminate. I highly doubt that he's bisexual. There is nothing wrong with any of the aforementioned circumstances, but I get the sense that Matt prefers men.

  9. Drop this guy!! This is crazy and toxic!! He got a taste of how Brittany feels 24/7 and freaked out when he finally got the shit end of the stick. Ridiculous! This little boy doesn’t deserve to even be called a “man.”

  10. The absolute insanity that he is acting like his mom doing the things she’s done is totally okay. But when the shoes are versed, he’s rolling his eyes, being disrespectful, belittling her, yet if she acted the way he is now to his mother…wow would that have been blown up. Then calling this an attack, yet obviously your mom showing up at her work is a real attack. Then you putting words in her mouth saying “oh I can go toe to toe, my moms work she wouldn’t get in the door….” No respect. Girl run, all girls run.

    And honestly I’ve read comments and I hate to judge anyone’s sexuality, but I am getting the impression girls are not what he’s truly attracted to. The mom is covering and he hasn’t come to terms. Don’t force yourself to be with anyone, gender or not that you aren’t attracted to. This man had deeper issues.

  11. The sheer passive aggression is just overwhelming to watch. No wonder this poor girl needed someone, because she would be gaslighted into oblivion. I get editing may have left things out but what he said is enough to show who he is. “No respect for my mom, my mom is right”… yet no respect for your gf. This is the second girl we’ve seen, it’s a pattern. Sometimes you need to acknowledge you’re the problem.

  12. He is so catty, my goodness!!! “Little dentists office”, betting on who would win in a fight, ew. The ex was right to choose her job over him, hope Brittany does the same

  13. These guys are just such wimps it’s laughable! Their mothers have serious mental issues and their relationships are completely inappropriate! Why don’t the husbands say anything? This is just weird and sick! 🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢

  14. When your mother has zero respect herself and is totally psyco and desides to go to your partners work. Better believe she won't like you, whack people.

  15. Omigod this guy is such a terrible person. His mom created a monster. Narcissus. His mom has always told him how wonderful he is. She's the kind of mom who would blame a teacher for her child's transgressions and reward them for bad behavior. This guy is dependent on that kind of fuel. Ain't no one gonna take his source of pride away from him. He is never wrong in mom's eyes, and he adores her. He meets his girlfriend's boss and acts like that? WOW. What a child. Run, girl, run!!

  16. First time seeing this couple. WHAT A TOTAL LOSER! “Security would stop her right away. What does she think? That she can go toe to toe with my mom?”

  17. This dude is such a beta….he’s such a lose and will never grow up. I’m close to my mom but not like him. He’s going to be single for a good minute. He also gives me gay vibes too…


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