illUmiNations: Protecting our Planet

September 20, 2014, United Nations General Assembly and Secretariat buildings lit up on Saturday night in a revolutionary call for climate action in connection with the Secretary-General’s climate Summit. #climate2014. “illUmiNations: Protecting Our Planet” was collaboratively designed and produced for UNDPI by the Oceanic Preservation Society, Obscura Digital and Insurgent Media.

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  1. Can some explain to me what charging money for the gas I and all mammals exhale is gonna save the world? Don't plants breath in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen? Not trying to fight, just curious

  2. Climate hysteria, propaganda designed to scare people to accept ''change''…very creepy. CO2 is a wonderful life giving trace gas that we need MORE of, not less.

  3. Please, find just 1 person……1 person, sit them down, and ask them to watch this documentary, to turn there cell phones off, and give their unconditional attention to the information in the documentary, and at the end whether they agree, disagree, or frankly just don't care. Make them promise that they 2 will find 1 person………just 1 person, sit them down,…………….AND ASK THEM TO DO THE SAME!

  4. the documentary that this is from is very moving. I watched it and considered becoming a vegetarian but then I thought me not eating meat isn't going to stop people killing animals. I do fear for my children and grandchildren's future. I hope that our generation can make the world a better place.

  5. I get so angry at us as a species because some people work so hard and are so aware of these dangers and try so hard to stop them but if not everyone helps and takes this seriously everyday then this world is in MAJOR trouble.

  6. Please ask the UN to back off on its military tacit approval for all these illegal wars . ( Libya, Yemen. Syria, Afghanistan, etc ) unfortunately , the UN has become the problem , Bought by the highest bidder , very corrupt . The message of this video is extremely valid , please humanity wake up !!

  7. It is heartbreaking to sadly know the truth that we are losing our animal friends every day.
    Over a year ago when learning the German language I put this video into my German presentation, the theme of which is "Aussterben von Tieren(Extinction of Animals)" and got the best note, but I actually know it is never just a THEME to talk about, but a severe situation happening around us. A pathetic TRUTH that we should do something to prevent, or at least just slow it down.
    Japanese people are still hunting whales to eat and pouring the by nuclear material polluted water in the pacific ocean. Can't imagine how many species living in the water will suffer and die from it. You should be ashame of yourself, japan

  8. You can do your bit too! Revisit every single aspect of your day to day activities and see how it contributes to excess waste (plastic especially), it's carbon emissions and to the best of your ability try and control them. I've stopped using single use plastics and keep the amount of water I use to bathe at a bare minimum. I also switched to cloth pads. These small, small changes go a long way 🙂

  9. Sadly to say nothing has changed after the shown period and now we have Corona virus like the end of human beings,but i think we deserve it after all of disastrous actions we took on our mother nature

  10. Whenever I watch this I got tears into my eyes. The episode of 'Racing Extinction' particularly this footage change my whole life. Now I am in the road to protect the animals for the betterment of planet Earth.


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