Iceland: Geothermal Energy

In Iceland, geothermal power is being used for almost everything — from heating homes to supplying therapeutic spas year round. Scientists and engineers from around the world are participating in a course at the United Nations University (UNU) to learn how to use geothermal energy in their own countries from leading experts in Iceland.
UNIA Programme # 1365

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  1. Solutions

    EAWC Technologies was created to respond to the growing need in drinking water and proposes a water purification solution utilizing solar, photovoltaic energy and, when applicable, a mini-windmill or an alternate source of renewable energy. From the sea, lake, river or stagnant, water is passed through several stages of purification and treatment until it is rendered drinkable as per World Health Organization standards. ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

  2. It also deliberately reduce the chance of erupting lava from volcanoes since energy mass under the beneath of the deep surface is coming out of the air.
    But the question is how long such a well hole remain active with such a high pressure as it is gushing up over a long period of time.

  3. Good beginning for a clean solution. But, to be technically accurate, geothermal is not renewable. Magma is kept hot by radioactive decay within the core. But it got hot originally from the impact energy from The Big Crunch. This was a collision between the Earth and another large object billions of years ago. This kind of event could happen again but we wouldn't survive.

  4. The Geothermal power plants worldwide are great sources of energy for countries that needs energy security, it is to be derived in many volcanoes that does emit huge amounts of energy, while harnessing it for conversion and distribution. It also prevents earthquakes, volcanic eruption as trapped heat are harnessed converted to be energy, and it avoids,lessens the geodetic movements of the earth. The SME General practices of sciences and industries and all fields that does the excellent work, in order to keep the communities safe and so as the countries. Thank you United Nations for bringing the good sides as well as the continuous cycle of energy worldwide.


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