Ice Cream Legend Pabba’s Latest i THALI! Tasting With 3 Generations At New PABBA’S IDEAL CAFÉ

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Say the word, ‘Pabba’s’ to anyone in Mangalore, or someone who has had the opportunity to visit this port city, and one is most likely to be met with a smile or in the very least, warming thoughts of wistfulness. For very few, if at all any, in Kudla may have escaped to the alluring charm of the gadbad, tiramisu, parfait, bella candy and scores of other delicious ice cream creations concocted by S. Prabhakar Kamath, affectionately known as Pabba to family and friends, over half a century at his now iconic Mangalorean institution, Pabba’s and Ideal Ice Creams. On my visit to kudla nearly a couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to sit with him (after nearly 20 years), his son, Mukund, and grandson, Mohith, to taste their latest creation, the I. Thali, a tantalising ice cream take on the South Indian thali, at their newest parlour, Pabba’s Ideal Café, Bharath Mall, that seems to have taken Mangalore by storm going by the sheer numbers that queue outside this large restaurant. However little did I know then, that this would be my last meeting with him! This episode was conceived as a review of the I Thali, but is now in some ways a tribute to the man who put Mangalore and his legendary ice creams on the culinary map.

Take care, stay safe and strong. Happy eating!

I Thaali
Rs. 279 (usd 3.7)

Happy Eating!

Kripal Amanna,
Gourmet On The Road,
Food Lovers TV

Link to episode mentioned in the video:

ADDRESS – Pabbas Ideal Cafe Bharat Mall, Bejai Main Rd, Lalbagh, Mangalore, Karnataka – 575003; TEL – +91 82776 85177/ 82771 34177
TIMINGS – 12pm to 9:30pm
Note: The i thaali is only available at the abovementioned outlet at present.

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Comment (185)

  1. I knew Prabhkar mam personally and a great man who brought ICE CREAM to DK and ofcource too other parts of Karnataka Ice cream at its best ie Gadbad May his enterprise prosper in the years ahead

  2. This episode was conceived as a review of the I Thali, but is now in some ways a tribute to the man who put Mangalore and its ice creams on the culinary map. Take care, stay safe and strong. Happy eating!

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    Follow us on Instagram for more on delicious food @kripalamanna or @foodloversindia 😋

  3. I hope the Icecream are made of milk and not using palm oil…. Cause very little milk solids and large amount of oil is what you get in India right now. So hopefully like you covered other kitchens, this kitchen secret should also be known to all.

  4. As you rightly said Kripal ji Ideal ice cream is the iconic home grown brand & has become a identity Mangaluru City & being a Mangalorean we are proud of it..Thank you sir for making this video..Jai Tulunadu🙏

  5. Kripal sir, a great admirer of your work. Keep up the good work, always wanna try the recipe in hotels which you review.
    Request you to kindly share a ice cream stores the ones like Ideal ice cream of Mangalore – I really miss those ice cream – In the south Bangalore zone if any.

  6. May Mr. Prabhakar's sole RIP 🌹. He will always b remembered as an ice-cream man. In my entire life I haven't missed having Ideal ice-cream whenever I visit Mangalore. Hope to visit again soon n taste I-Thali in my next visit. Thanks Food Lovers n Kripala for sharing the information 👏

  7. Kripal, even if I don't like Ice-creams I still watched this video.

    Because, you have that positive outlook which attracts everyone so easily:)

    Lots of love man !!

  8. A tribute to ice cream pabba maam 🙏. Om Shanti

    We can see the passion in running in Kamath family 👍 Kripal made me enjoy Mangalore from my phone

  9. That's why Food lovers TV is today most sought after Food show for Foodies because not only it highlights the Food but the people behind who have created such iconic establishments ,Ideal-Pabbas indeed is a blessing for People of Mangalore who have access to their delightful ice creams.Thank you Mr Kamath ( Pabbas)🙏

  10. This is the best tribute to Mr. Pabhakar Kamath. Tha k you so much sir 🙏. You are awesome. I also have seen your episode with Puneeth Rajkumar. Like he rightly said, the way you scoop any dishes and eat it.. yummmmmm… Too good 😍👍👍👍

  11. 20:22 vanila halwa the fullness in the way it coats the tongue
    Love ur English sir I learnt a lot of new words how to frame sentences and certainly improved my vocabulary ❤🎈
    Love u endless sir💛❤

  12. RIP for the owner/ founder of ideal icecream as he away just few days now wd his delicious tasty creams. And he even missed ur episode as he is away from us but he will be in our heart wd his teasty cream's😍

  13. Hi sir Ian Benson from Kengeri.. Hats off to you sir.. Your doing wonderful job. So happy about you.. you are going to small hotel also. Is so encouraging. And getting them good business.. There is one new cafe opened in mariyapana palya called grillland. They are doing great job very good taste sir. And all are youths.. BBQ fried chicken and shawarma.. Please visit there once sir.. It will be helpful to them. Thank you

  14. Sir I watch ALL your videos. I suggest why don’t u start a restaurant that serves the best dishes that you have reviewed to date. Trust me with you being so famous and very well known the restaurant will be a hit. All the best sir.

  15. An interesting episode with indepth coverage of the history and product development of a famous brand… Kripal was cornered but enjoyed the whole thing as he took us along the journey 😊

  16. Mr Pabba is a legendary business Icon of Mangalore. His Ideal ice cream is also an iconic place and has been featured in numerous magazines including in-flight magazines and also TV shows .
    It is one of the must visit places in Mangalore – they will be advised to do so either by their friends or relatives . Feels sad to know that Mr Pabba is no more . Om Shanthi

  17. A super excited video !!!
    There is no words to describe about the thali which you explained so well as if we had a good South Indian meal.
    Thanks for giving us a good meal . We will get there on visit to Udippi
    Hope all doing fine

  18. HI Kripal Sir.. I ma very much jealous of you. I am watching this video midnight 3am.. water is coming out from mouth.. Definitely I will visit Pabbas. Next time in my Mangalore visit..Lonely 😍 Thank you so much for this Awesome Vlog


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