I Went To GWD On My PVP World HCIM (and got lucky)

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This is my HCIM account which is only playable on PvP worlds.

If you manage to pk this account the current bounty is 1,000,000,000!

PvP HCIM Playlist – https://bit.ly/2L2vYg6

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  1. im still sad you didnt get dragon trophy in leagues when you said u werent gonna make the mistake of getting rune tier again :c love the hcim content tho so you are forgiven

  2. Back when pvp worlds first came out i used to go to bandos on pvp world bc no1 used them. One day a guy walked in and tbed me. I ran around the room until the tb wore off. I litterally got out with 17 hp. Never did bandos in a pvp world after that

  3. Solo bro when are you going to stop using a potato to record and keep the hairspray out of the vid. Huuuge quality improvement right there I'm telling you. Wouldn't say this if I didn't appreciate the videos, go on mate.


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