I Used Dirty Tactics To Try To Beat A Grandmaster

Shoutout to @GingerGM for stopping by the Battersea Chess Club and playing a few games with us! He was way too strong for me, so I had to resort to some very questionable tricks… Drop a like and tell us in the comments, who you’d like us to collab with next!
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Comment (193)

  1. You threw 1 game by missing a mate in 1 with the queen to 2 different squares. No way a WFM misses that, especially after a few moves earlier seeing a mate in 3 or 4 starting with moving your rook. Simon knew you gave him game and intentionally did not take your rook and also moved his queen into a mate in 1.

  2. Sa ti minte ce`ai simti cand ti`a oferit posibilitatea sa faci o alta mutare.

    Gestul lui te`a facut sa simti altceva.

    Sa faci la randul tau la fel, sa descoperi ce implinire traiesti cand creezi bucurie in inima celui de langa tine.

    Care este cea mai mare victorie?
    Castigarea unei partide de sah. Sau sa ceezi bucurie in inima celui drag.

    In lumea sahului este competitie foarte mare.

    Catigarea unui meci de sah aduce satisfactie pe plan mental.
    Tine de orgoliu, am castigat inseamna ca sunt mai bun decat adversarul.
    Am pierdut, ma simt nasol. Si intervine orgoliul prin care nu acceptam ca suntem mai slabi mental decat altu.

    Exista o alta latura in noi, care cucereste oameni iar pentru minte reprezinta un paradox.

    Cunosti satisfactia pe care o ai atunci cand castigi un meci de sah.
    Pare un paradox mental sa faci in mod voit astfel incat sa il pierzi.

  3. You would have taken his Queen. But then he could have moved his pawn to take your pawn and then there would be no way for you to get to his pawn in time for him to get a new Queen. Game isn’t over yet.

  4. Seems lately both gals are distracted with chat and talk too much when they are on the clock and lose so much time. Put chat away and PAY ATTENTION to match!!!

  5. Aw so English Simon, giving her the take back and then loosing all concentration and becoming hot under the collar! A new level of level Botez play :-)! (I'm so far from that level – Took me a while to even realise why he resigned! )


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