I try to do this every single day

Had little time at the wood yard today but managed to get at least a little something done. Cutting and Splitting some maple with the Stihl MS261 and Wolfe Ridge and moved some dirt with the Kubota KX057-4 Excavator

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Kubota KX-057-4 Excavator
Kubota MX 5400 Utility Tractor
Kubota BX 23S Subcompact Tractor
ExMark Lazer Z S Series Zero Turn Mower
Wolfe Ridge Pro 22C Commercial Log Splitter
Woodmizer LX 150 Sawmill

We live in Western Pa. and Have around 100 Acres of Land, About 1/2 is ours the rest is my moms, We have 4 kids and two grandchildren, 3 Golden Retrievers and one Cat. We enjoy working on our property and making improvements. We sell firewood and soon will be selling hardwood lumber.

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  1. Some day it would be nice to see a plan for all your future buildings. Saw mill site changes, kiln, etc. you have lots of work planned Mike. Also, I can’t wait to see you start to finish off the game room and shop in the future. Will send Eva a card and photo of my Golden, Ben. He’s pure white!

  2. Prayers for Eva and fast healing my dad always said you have to do something to earn your keep every day when he was 85 years old he still was going to the woods and cutting fire wood

  3. Good morning (barely!). Good goal – make some progress every day. If you can do it, it makes going to sleep easier at night. Speaking of sleeping easy – prayers for successful surgery for daughter Eva. She’s such a bright soul, it’s hard to realize what she’s been dealing with. Best of luck and providence to all.

    I’ve wondered about whether there would be some efficient way to avoid having all that bark and man glitter accumulate right where you’re working. I couldn’t envision anything that didn’t mean another transport of rounds, but eliminating that was a really big benefit of hauling firewood logs to the NRPC and cutting right at the split site (or at least within the reach of the excavator). I guess you could cut on the lower level and load into the dump trailer or FEL firewood basket and not have to handle as much. Anyway, getting the chips and bark away from your worksite would reduce the maintenance needed to keep the good gravel surface workable, and not set you up for a rotten sawdust mud (gasp) next year.

    On a side note, from my perhaps judgmental perspective, being up in an ultralight in high winds is either very brave or a serious lack of checking the weather beforehand. Not something I’d have ever considered during my pilot days.

  4. Hi Mike! I'll bet you end up putting another firewood bunker in the lower yard next year so you can fill it up as you sell off what you've cut this year. Best of luck to Eva and Happy Holidays!

  5. Mike, I agree, even with a Part Time job I try everyday to accomplish something in my little shop. Nice grading work with the shale! Continued prayers for Eva and her successful procedure and recovery! God bless the Morgan’s!!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to mike and family. Will be praying for Eva and for a speedy recovery. Hey mike, that’s a real nice Holley tree behind you. God bless you all. 😊❤️

  7. I have a question. I've kinda wanted to be an equipment operator for a while but never applied anywhere cause using a pedal like in a car too long gives me leg pain. Your loader looks completely hand operated, is that the standard for equipment?

  8. Going to have a nice storage area when it's all done!! Hope y'all had a good THANKSGIVING and a well deserved nap after eating all the Turkey and stuffing and trimmings. Stay safe and warm, prayers for Daighter Eva, and see you on the next video.

  9. so easy splitting wood these days. when i was about 14 – 18 years old my sat in oct were with axe, sledge hammer and two wedges. splitting wood to fill wood shed 20×20 x8 foot full. that would last the winter. this was back in the 50's. used two man cross cut saw to fall trees and cut into 8ft lengths to cut with tractor mounted buss saw. then i was free to hunt the rest of the winter. up and down the James river bluffs.

  10. Why do I have a foreboding feeling about that borrow pit right next to the wood yard? I could see a vehicle going into that. Have a Family meeting down there to point it out.

  11. Hey Mike do you still use the chalk to mark the same length? If you cut wood down on the loop want that be futher to move the rounds to split? Hang in their buddy . Oh praying for daughter Eva.

  12. You are really lucky to have a rock source right close to where you need the rock. I find myself moving material a mile or two to where its needed because sites like you have are rare on my properties. Prayers and the best of luck to Eva. I am sure the entire family is feeling the anxiety of her going through such a procedure. Hope all turns out well.

  13. I’m sure it’s all just what part of the country you are in but a 15 ton load of crushed lime stone still cost me $200 delivered

    I don’t even know where I would get shape if I wanted it

  14. I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and prayers for Eva and the medical crew. The new road is coming along great. At the rate you are going, the Concrete With the Haus crew will have to come back and build you another bunker.

  15. It is a bit strange that it took you so long to see the development potential of that part of the planet. You likely realized from the beginning that your yard space was uncomfortably restricted. That land has been sitting right outside your front door.

    Usually you try to have a comprehensive plan and not do things ad hoc. It encourages me to see other people making mistakes because that is like giving me permission to make mistakes also. Did you make a mistake in not seeing the potential of that land sooner? Perhaps I should look at what you have accomplished instead of what you did not accomplish.

  16. Just curious, is there any concern about the new borrow pit eroding since it's on the side of a slope? I'm not familiar with shale, but the soil here in western Indiana would erode something fierce doing that.
    Lol…I KNEW there was more rock coming!

    Best wishes for Miss Eva. I'm praying all goes smoothly like it did for Hannah. We are blessed to have the medical expertise to deal with such issues.

    I just had cataract surgery a couple of weeks ago and have gone from legally blind to not needing glasses other than to read if I so choose. I've worn glasses, thick glasses, since I was 4 years old. I'll soon be 68. What a change!
    Have a day!

  17. It's interesting that on the Sasquatch sign the work end points to your house and the play end points to the Renewable Resources Processing Center….. LOL

  18. I posted a comment on a video from back in April I think, you were dragging some long logs. Check out the attachment I spoke about. Made in Michigan by Gillisons. Three point skidding grapple that makes that job so easy, the jaws are 1 in thick steel and I have it on my 50 hp tractor.

  19. Good afternoon Morgans and friends. Property is really shaping up Mike. Great job on the excavator, that has to be the best purchase ever! Continued thoughts and prayers for Eva and your whole family. I hope Hunter is doing well. Be safe and we'll see you all down the road….. thank you.

  20. I like to feel like I get something done each day, too! Unfortunately I'm not as strongly committed to it as you are!! Hope the rest of your Thanksgiving was filled with family, good eats, and quality down time.

  21. I have got in the habit of trying to spend 30 minutes to a hour a night after work trimming limbs and cutting down trees. It really has made my weekends less work and more free time.

  22. Sending prayers for Eva and he surgeon … and yea Mike, make that shale work for you, quarry stone is getting expensive (getting ready to order some modified for the driveway) … I processed firewood for 2 summers when I was young (flexible and strong) … it ain't rocket science, but good technique helps, I found that a good set up and consistency made those piles grow … where i grew up Maple was abundant and free from most tree guys, one of my favorite woods for both wood working and firewood, it splits clean and easy, easy to handle … and has a decent amount of BTU's when seasoned correctly (and great for bundled wood) … I don't burn wood anymore, switched to a propane fireplace insert … but process my wood for an elderly neighbor (90 on Christmas day) who heats mostly with a good stove …. gave him a load of well seasoned and split Maple 2 days ago and he raved about how well it burned … I have a 2 acre wooded lot across the street for supply, figure it keeps my karma good to know he and his little Chihuahua are warm and toasty on those cold days and nights … he's a proud old stubborn Irishman, Merchant Marine on a fixed income so I joke that I'm not worried about him, but want to make sure Lily is nice and warm ! He lives in a small cottage with only electric heat so the stove is a must …

  23. Dog gone it Mike, I love watching people work. Now I’m getting the bug to do something around here myself. I’ve sketched out plans for a greenhouse next spring. Now I’m sorting all my tools. Just see what you went and done? Lol.

    Our best wishes for Eva’s upcoming surgery. We all know you and the Morgan family will take the best care of her

  24. Eva, we all love you and know in the long run you will feel better. We also know your parents will be there for you. Love you all , Hunter that means you my friend never do we leave you out. Love to all the Morgan family.❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍

  25. Mike I enjoy watching you live your dreams and getting so much done since you retired from your job . You should get a drone footage of your property the beginning and show often of what has happened since the last time. Praying for Eva on her surgery and keeping the Morgan family in my thoughts and prayers. Hope Hunter is doing well and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Be safe and God bless !

  26. I would just like to ask one question Mike I know I think I've asked this question before I hate the ads that they put in for the videos I think they're a pain in the butt but I understood that I heard somewhere that you have to watch them in order for you guys to get compensated I don't care about the sponsored ones I can always skip through it if I don't want to hear it but I was just wondering I figured you were the man to ask and you would know about that if you could get back with me on that that would be much appreciated enjoy your holidays enjoying all of the videos you're putting out thank you very much God bless. 😁🎅

  27. Spend $750 a month on fuel oil imported from the Middle East and still have to keep the thermostat at 62°…

    Or pay your local wood guy about that for a years supply of cut, split and delivered firewood and bask in 78°+ temps from October to April.

  28. Our prayers and best wishes go to you and your family, we really look forward to the new videos especially the wood splitting, heart warming to see a family so close and supportive of each other, God bless you and keep you safe.

  29. You may need 2 firewood bunkers, 1 full of seasoned wood that you are going through the process of selling and 1 which you are in the process of filling for the next season. Looking good but 👍🏼

  30. May be an optical illusion forming it by the trees, but just to the right of the bucket on the blade camera, way off to the right appears to be a house back off in the woods I've never seen before….?.?

  31. So what's the plan for the Bunker Wood Mike? How do you plan to ensure all the wood is dry? Are you gonna sell the entire stock so that it's empty before the next round of splitting for the next drying season? Seems like another Bunker would help. One drying while one is selling kinda deal. I can't see you adding more green would to a half empty dry bunker. Would just not make sense. Best wishes to Eva.

  32. You will probably think this is a silly question, but I am wondering how some of the firewood smells when you burn it. I have always lived in the west so 99% of the wood comes from evergreens. Juniper is the best smelling to me.


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