I Tested 5 Tips To Make The Best Roast Chicken

Mayonnaise on a chicken?! Katie is back in her home kitchen, and with chilly weather approaching she’s craving some deliciously juicy, soul-warming roast chicken. Follow along as Katie tries 5 different hacks to make the best roast chicken recipe ever! And let us know in the comments what’s your roast chicken tip!

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Running chicken on green screen. The concept of animal, wildlife, games, back to school, 3d animation, short video, film, cartoon, organic, chroma key, character animation, design element, themes set, loopable
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Chicken with luma matte
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Cartoon Day and Night
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Icon Man Chicken Dance Figure Animation. Character 2D Cartoon Animations. Pictogram People Unique Silhouette Vector Icon Set. Animated Stickman Poses on Transparent Background. Moving Activity Variation
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Animation of a jumping cute fluffy easter chicken with cracked egg shell on its had, animated hand drawn cartoon character, on chroma key green screen background.
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Chicken Moving Animal Green Screen (Loopable)
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Head massage
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Dancing Chicken
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Katie Aubin


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Comment (91)

  1. I love you two and all the video suggestions. I just went through a lot of your videos on the whole playlist with doing the sort by oldest and it was over 5 years ago. Soooo many amazing dishes it's hard to believe it's been that long since we have been seeing tasty bless our lives. I love you and you deserve all the success you still have yet to come.

    Ps I hope you consider making a DVD / and downloadable collection for super fans to have you forever apart of our families no matter where we go and what happens. Different collections of videos aw would be such a digital gift cookbook.

  2. I think it is important to rotate the bird during cooking . . . That is how I learned reading ages ago from William-Sonoma cookbook. Turn about every 20-30 minutes .. Why? All those great juices in the cavity can then roll around and seep into the meat instead of puddling inside the bird.. Usually use lemon, going to try orange.

  3. Anyone who's had pollo asado or al carbón in Puerto Rico knows that's the superior chicken recipe 🔥 i hope Tasty tries to make that classic puertorrican staple one day.

  4. I haven't tried using an Orange inside the cavity…
    Shout out to Auntie Pat & Mrs. Katie's-Mom. WHERE did you get those BREAD KNIVES???
    Thank you to all the contributors <3 I've got something new to try!


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