I found an actual REAL GOLD MINE hidden on my property!

After stumbling onto an illegal mining operation on my property, I thought I would do some exploring of the 100+ acres that make up my mineral claim property. I found all sorts of evidence of old workings including an actual underground gold mine!

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This video is produced by Dan Hurd, Prospector, Miner, Teacher and YouTuber, as part of his YouTube channel based on educational videos about gold mining, gold panning, prospecting, rock hounding, and mineral collecting.
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  1. A friend of a friend had an abandoned gold mine on his property and there were plenty of tailings, but you really had to work to get it. (Kinda like you do… nothing to get rich over night.) They were too lazy.💖🌞🌵😷

  2. So I had an interesting idea for agate hunting. Do you think using a UV light would light them up? They would definitely absorb much different light than host rock so they should theoretically light up like a Christmas tree

  3. Hopefully Commie Trudeau will Stop all you greedy miners from destroying our planet. Look at that big sore carved into the side of that poor mountain. CALL THE POLICE! Come on Trudeau stop these evil people. LONG LIVE TRUDEAU! To the commies to the north of me KISS MY HERSEY KISS!

  4. Dan even though the shaft opening was abandoned doesn't mean its a dry seam. Something could have happened to them. As back then thier were alot of saloon disputes over card games etc. And land claim issues etc. Test everything.

  5. You used to live in Washington State I moved to Tucson Arizona and I you've done it and I heard that there's a lot of gold around here but everything's so fucking dry I don't know shit about it

  6. When you get a claim do you buy the land and then it’s yours or do you just rent it and if you don’t pay you can’t use it sorry am new to looking at all this I was just wondering how getting a claim works is it the same as any normal lad that when you buy it it’s yours for x amount of years?

  7. Hi Dan, you should start upload video at 4K even if your footage is not. At 1080p youtube decreased the actual quality so for your rich complex videos, with a lot of vegetation the the quality is destroied.

  8. Dan, You are awesome, and what a way of life. You are blessed to have such adventures. I will be going thru both BC and the Yukon for 2 months on my motorcycle in July or 2022. Will be taking my metal detector and pan. You mentioned a license to mine for gold in BC. What and how do I get this for my trip? Need help in obtaining the legal permits while I am there. Would love to meet up with you during that time. Thanks for your awesome videos. Stay well.

  9. Dan the into, was that something Klesh made up for you? How many claims do you have? Can anyone come and lease a claim and toss in some money of time for a lot of fun! We been praying for you folk's up there with all the flooding.. Hope this little note finds you and yours safe and on the Gold.

  10. Sometimes I like to explore my claims. Looking for quartz seams natural washes that may contain gold in traps in the rocks. I find artifacts and they in themselves can tell me alot. Obviously you found some major finds on your claim doing the same thing. It is always fun just to explore God's creation.

  11. Thanks Dan, that was informative. I have a claim here in the other CA and it has an old chinese oven, rock stacking, placer pits etc. Your explanation has helped affirm and continue to unlock the mysteries. It is also a legacy claim.


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