“I don’t think they will be forgiven if Mo Salah left!” | Jamie Carragher on Mo Salah’s contract

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Jamie Carragher provides his insight on Mo Salah’s contract situation. Carragher believes that Liverpool should get the deal signed as soon as possible, or the clubs owners could face fan backlash.

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Comment (506)

  1. A very good player not world class but not far from it as he never been consistant but he would of got on the bench of my prem all time greats team united fan obvs

  2. Mo Salah is the best player in the league at the moment, I think most people will agree with that, he's in his prime now, he's currently the 20th best paid player in the league, some of the names who earn more are laughable, he should earn what he deserves to earn, stop trying to penny pinch and sort it out fsg.

    Another thing who we gonna get to replace him if he leaves?? a 150 mil player (who will be a downgrade) on 300k a week instead of the 350k mo wants.

    Maybe I'm the daft one but it's a no brainer and should have been done and dusted long ago for me.

  3. Have to disagree on the Spanish giant comment. Real Madrid would still find a way to get the money to buy him. They are not as in much trouble as Barcelona

  4. Salah is great this season but we always see any player perform his maximum in a contract year. I don’t think he’s worth the money he’s asking but the revenue he brings could be worth it

  5. Liverpool need to give him what he deserves and has earned not just a Liverpool great but a league great,

    he only really has 1 more big contract in him before hell be signing extensions every year before retirement

  6. Its obvious – Mbappe is longing for Real Madrid, it leaves PSG short and who better to fill in that gap than Salah! He would be made to feel right at home with the middle eastern giants…(sorry I mean french giants..) specifically brought in for the Champions League… Liverpool had to survive without Torres/Suarez they will do so again if Salah goes…

  7. This is why we need these Jokers of FSG out, we got 271 million to spend apparently on transfers this January and yet we are not going to spend a penny on that kitty and then this Mo contract fiasco, with their reluctance to give him what he wants, they are willing to let him go either by selling him in the summer or on a free in the summer after, all the while, they are using the money that should be used for the club to buy sports clubs, they used us to get that Ice Hockey team they bought, they want to use us to buy a Basketball team they are interested in and then there is rumors they want another Football/Soccer team and they probably want to use us again to buy that Club, I am telling you right now, we now know what FSG are about, absolute parasites, I don't care what they done in the past, that's what they do best, they build a team to get to the top, it's what they do after that shows their character and then we can judge them and well we now know, this pandemic was just an excuse they needed to show their true intentions

  8. I understand and respect completely the business decision around player transfers. But there’s a sport decision to be made here too, he’s the arguably the best forward in the world, and he WANTS to play for us, and not leave – that’s so rare in modern football, look at what he’s done for us, look at what he’s going to do for us – we get that 20th Championship, and the whole LFC brand value goes up. It shouldn’t be a difficult decision. We lost Gini, we can’t lose Salah too, give the man what he’s asking for, or as close to near best as you can. C’mon guys!

  9. "Top reds" are very much cool with mediocrity they'll gobble up anything FSG throws their way. They'll never demand better nothing is gonna happen even if Salah left.

  10. All wage structures in football don't have a ceiling because if you've got the best you've got to go through the ceiling to retain the best. If Pogba wants £500k, MO Salah has to be worth more and he apparently wants £400k. For goodness sake pay him the money and give Klopp the tools to work with

  11. Not got a clue the owners, look at all the other brilliant players that have left for holding off new contracts, we are the fans so the owners should be answering are demands, for God sake we pay them to run the club, no fans no money simple!!! Now give him what he's asking

  12. If he doesn't want to sign then leave, get a few quid for him and move on to someone else, legends leave and Jurgen will make another one, no-one bigger than the club ynwa

  13. Carra is so transparent, he should not be allowed to air his views when talking about Liverpool or Man Utd as he is just so biased and afraid – to say the owners would not be forgiven if Salah left is obviously just Carra trying to apply pressure on them.
    So if Salah leaves and Liverpool still go on to compete in the Prem and CL then what?!?!……I think that is the point/question, what he wanted to say was that if Salah leaves and they fall off their level then the fans would not be happy.
    Stop exaggerating you biased man.

  14. Salah will leave. They are at an impasse, and Salah’s repeated announcements that he wants to stay in Liverpool are genuine, but are also to tell the fans that it wasn’t his choice. As far as where to go monies will pop up abound once he is available.

  15. Here's the thing. If FSG allow Salah to leave on a free or even cash in on him while they can it will show the fanbase where we are. I don't buy into the hype that FSG MUST SPEND. Clearly they have shown they don't need to spend big (As in without selling players first atleast) to be a success. However what it will show is that FSG will never aim above what we have now. So any hope and dreams of the worlds best players wearing a Liverpool badge can forever be forgotten under their reign, and if that is the case I wish they would just come out and say so and say "We always want to be a team that buys bargains and makes them better" ok fine. But say so.

  16. Liverpool need to start rebuilding next season, big contracts will hamper that process. Do not want a situation when Salah is past it in 3-4 years from now and we are trying to rebuild and get outbid against Newcastle on the rise that would put the club back into the dark ages. People forget how Liverpool in 2008-09 missed out world class players due to a rise of city. Imagine if Liverpool had signed David Silva back then or Dzeko to replace Torres. It’s that I rather avoid.

  17. LOLL “ruin his legacy by going to City or United”.… Liverpool don’t want to pay the best player in the world atm the wages he deserves.Again there’s no loyalty in footy the only legacy that should matter is Mo Salah’s thoughts about himself, he can go to City or United (not united cuz we won’t be winning anything anytime soon) but if he goes City i wouldn’t be mad it’s a smart move for his “Legacy” it’s not up to us spectators to decide where he should go but then again it’s Jamie’s opinion so i digress🤷🏾‍♂️ 😂

  18. Could it be more the face like the other players in the team like Van Dijk, Allison, Mane & Henderson etc will start demanding more money if Salah gets a big salary increase? I agree he should be on a better contract but seems like Liverpool might be concerned on other players mind sets if a new deal is done

  19. Salah deserves the contract if he leaves Liverpool will go back to finishing 5/6/7th position on a regular basis just like before they signed him and I also think Mane will ask for a huge increase on his wages too cos of the impact he has on the team which is well deserved too without them 2 Liverpool are very average

  20. Jamie mentions the others who signed contracts recently (that we were told to celebrate like new signings – how embarassing!) but what happened with Gini is happening again with Salah. Klopp was full of praise for Gini, wanted him to stay & even mentioned in the program notes for the last game of last season that Gini still might stay because he was hoping FSG would come to their senses. Look at how they treated Hendo! Klopp needs to stop defending FSG, they're making him look dumb. Too many changes behind the scenes with Michael Edwards leaving & others quietly annoyed with Klopp recent comments… starting to show on the pitch.

  21. Real Madrid can get Salah if they wanted to but they have Haaland and Mbappe on their mind. Stop thinking Madrid is broke like Barcelona.

  22. why its not like he is on min wage remember he is 30 in june i reckon the stumbling block is not the wages but the length of contract. if he leaves choice is psg man utd or city or chelsea or newcastle

  23. One thing I heard is that they've never paid a player as much as he's asking for. But everyone would argue he's better than any player they've ever had and any player they could sign right now. Regardless of what he wants, he should get it. The performance against a 10-man arsenal should show how useless the team is without him. Why not set a new wage record because he's the one guy that wouldn't let it be a mistake!

  24. I hate FSG with a passion. Why they don’t back this team is unbelievable to me, especially after what klopp has done for the club both financially and with trophies won. I feel this club will be exactly what man United is going through where they win and win but eventually the recruitment will turn LFC into a top 4/5 team and let other rivals win everything

  25. Salah is currently on 150, 000 a week. What he earns in a week, most people don't make in a year, two, three years even. At what point does greed come into this and a club should not bend no matter the goals. The club is always bigger than the player and if it wasn't for Liverpool Salah would not be where he is. Liverpool made him what he's become but players forget all too easily.

  26. What if Sane ask for such fee too? cos he’s also a top man for Liverpool. Is this what management fear would happen? Can the club afford 700-800m for the pair of them?


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