I Couldn’t Say “No” To These Flea Market Prices!

Some times we pay up for things at the flea market, but not today!

GoPro I use: https://amzn.to/3wrP7fo
Studio Camera (canon m50): https://amzn.to/36oUfEC
Lens for Canon (sigma 16mm 1.4): https://amzn.to/3hmSVZl
Video Editing Software: https://amzn.to/3hTeqjE

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  1. Can’t believe u passed on the nintendo + games, barbie camper n you dint noticed the navy| army jacket where you bought the hoka one one for 6 bucks

    Omaigad lol

  2. love you but some critique. He quoted WII bundle 135 dollars because you walk around flea market as friendly Mr. big bucks instead of friendly bulk buy low price guy. No one who has seen you before will ever give you rock bottom prices anymore because they know you will pay up.

  3. Tell Hayley that her hair is so beautiful!!! Mine used to be just like that. I miss being young. I'm lucky to have any hair now. Enjoy your beauty while you are young.

  4. Hi what do you do with the bulk jewelry you get in the Goodwill pallets I'm handicapped and use used jewelry to make art work I'm willing to pay 1.00 a pound Plus postage up to 50 lb thank you.

  5. I sell all of my Wii consoles on Amazon. Yes, the return risk is higher however most of them sell for north of $150 with a game ( Wii sports or Mario kart ) and controller. Especially around the holidays .

  6. Those adidas you said are actually mens you could probably list as a girls youth size as youth and mens sizing is the same. I had a couple pair of Pink adidas that I had listed for months and they weren't selling I assume because not a ton of men are looking for pink shoes but when I switched them to youth size they sold.

  7. Would love to see how you clean your hats and shoes please! And what products etc. Love watching your videos. Your content is always informative and fun. You and Hayley are the best. I'm only months into reselling, loving it but finding sales to be very slow even for Q4. That's ok, still learning and listing every day.

  8. I am sorry I am not trying to be negative would you buy or wear shoes shoes that some of the tread is missing or other pieces are missing, those sneakers are molded to previous owners feet because they are so worn, I think you should check sneakers better before you buy them, when I was growing up we didn’t wear or buy used shoes or sneakers.

  9. LOL … Walking way from that DS over 5$… Never mind the console… 14 games – a bunch of them fairly good ones… Much of the time I agree with your decisions – however sometimes I'm like __O__/ 😀

  10. Hi Harry Tornado, could you make a video for an explanation of eBay income taxes and how to file them?
    It’s very confusing to me as a young seller and I’m sure it is to many others

  11. I had one of those Military Bears when i was a kid. Mine was much loved but my mom recently gave it to my son and it warmed my heart to watch him drag it around.

  12. Lol I legit loved when Hayley said "Come on" while you were pitching the other wagon 😂😂. Come on Josh we'll get it next week 😅.

    Also $125 for that Wii with those shovelware titles. 🥴🥴🥴

  13. Thanks to these videos I see old tech as money over junk. My grandma recently passed and she had a store. The house is full of mostly garbage. But as we were cleaning I found so far 5 new in box dvd and or vcr combo recorders. Needless to say If I weren’t watching these. I would have tossed nearly $500 in old tech. Now they are on eBay and I’m crossing fingers to maybe experience a little resellers rush. Thank you. I’ve always had a thing for flipping since I was a kid. But never did I try to go out of my wheel house on random items.

  14. Just so you know you can't develope the film after you opened the camera. Because you exposed the film to light any pictures that were there will be gone.
    That's why you need a darkroom when developing film 🙂

  15. Terapeak has a few sales of that stock car model kit. About $30 plus shipping if you sell it as new. Maybe you can aim a little higher if there are no active listings.

  16. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it before, but you don’t need to have a game console to test your guitar hero and rock band accessories. Just plug them into your laptop or desktop. I’ve tested microphones, guitars, drums, and even dance pads this way.

  17. Facebook shutdown my 1 Tommy Bahamas shirt sale
    I lowered the price a 3rd time and they said I clearly did not want to sell this. Agh ok I deleted all my marketplace sale items

  18. Hi guys. Just came across your channel a week ago. I really like it and almost done watching all your videos, even watching them at work! Haha

    Take care and keep making those great videos.

    All the best from Haarlem, The Netherlands.

  19. I swear to you Josh has the most mental sense of humor. I am always cracking up at his smart remarks. "Its for you for Christmas. Dont look at it!" Hailey is just like "smh!" I love you two!!!

  20. Even the DS games you can make you money back on and sell the DS as parts for $40
    Also grab yourself a powerbank and the USB to DS charger .. it will be great to test them on the fly

  21. Hey love the video’s so thankful for all the info you guy’s provide and the vibes are always a delight… was wondering how you list clothes and jackets.. maybe you could do a quick video.. thanks

  22. 26:34 You may be thinking of Revell. Both Revell and Testor have been around at least since I was putting together models 40 years ago, probably longer.
    Also, I think that yellow car is a Team Penske car.

  23. I used Check Check for the first time today, and it's…not as simple as I thought. My main issue is that they want a picture of the insole stitching. But the insole is glued; you can't see the stitching! Am I supposed to rip out the insole?? Help, please!


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