I Could Never Be Your Woman

A mother falls for a younger man while her daughter falls in love for the first time. Mother Nature messes with their fates.

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  1. WHY IS TRACEY ULLMAN NOT MENTIONED here under the write up of the movie? This is a zany, cute, FUN movie with a terrific ending. And it is Hollywood poking fun at itself, which is not something one sees every day. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND.

  2. An unexpected find. So many familiar faces, but why so many Brits? Ronan, Ullman, David Mitchell from the Mitchell & Webb Program, and Graham Norton, before he started hosting the best damn talkshow on the planet.
    Not to forget the soundtrack from the Eighties, the best decade evah.

  3. This movie is very cool,
    with something uncool, which is considered cool. That would be incorrect English. It is just as easy and accepting, if Michelle
    Pfeiffer, the mother, would correct her daughter, Everytime she says," Me and so so. Or, better still. Here's something novel. Simply write in the script, the pronoun
    "I" instead of "me"
    It's one thing that the writer's are lax. What about the actors that not caring or may not knowing? Great example for any generation.( that's sarcasm, since the convoluted form of communication, called texting can be misleading).

  4. Haven't seen or viewed for quite some time, but I do recall I really enjoyed it. Alas I've always loved Michele, great actress and very bueatiful woman. I look forward to seeing this again.


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