i became a police officer that should be in prison

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  1. I like how the character models have about 25 polygons apiece, but the M4 Sherman tank that shows up for one scenario looks like it’s straight out of War Thunder.

  2. I got some coffee and it was good for a medium roast. Really solid. I normally drink dark roast and I was a little disappointed at the lack of variety but I understand Gray is just starting out with this coffee stuff. I got a second bag for a friend who typically drinks medium roasts and he enjoyed it quite a bit.

  3. This game is amazing! This is how every cops should act upon the public. Because most of the times, is the public that are outraged by major media networks lying to them to act so disregard for human life because they were total lie. So I’m OK with Tayser in everyone making sure justice is there.

  4. I have a question. What does Gray do when he gets really really sick and doesn't feel well enough to make an episode? Does Gray still play anyhow? I mean seriously… So sick his voice is hoarse and he's barfing up last weeks pizza, and the pizza from the week before is coming out his ass like Coke out of a Burger King drink dispenser? Does he have backup videos, or how does that work?

  5. Ok ok please can someone please tell me where he gets these games? I want them please Gray can you tell me ? I have been asking. Please someone tell me . I enjoy watching. Gray ok ok what in the insane Florida man sakes can you tell me where you get these games?

  6. Once again Gray, you have made a video where it is difficult to decide what to comment on…so I'm going with the combination of the type of game this is,, and the one playing it makes the video gold

  7. Gray know this is kinda out there but could you do more sims 4 videos would love to see Floridaman back maybe have him become the politician as a job or a mob boss criminal career

  8. Hey Gray have you considered playing a game called House? It's a pixel game. There's multiple endings, but there's killing pixel people and dying in SO MANY WAYS. There's also a toilet monster telling your character to "do horrible things". Markiplier played it, but it reminded me of your Kindergarten let's play that I loved. Please consider my request. Thank you for your time (and all the hilarious videos).

  9. Fun fact: Tasers can fire twice before needing to reload. So you dont need to dual wield tasers to shock two people. Also when someone is tased we say they are "riding the lightning"


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