Humpback whales’ attempt to stop killer whale attack – Planet Earth Live – BBC One

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 馃憠 Extraordinary footage of a killer whale attack on a Gray whale calf, when humpback whales arrive and try to intervene.

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Comment (1,319)

  1. Orcas are jerks to kill a baby, they kill everything but are smart enough to not kill humans, they know how the food chain works. Humans kill everything on land and sea, we are the biggest jerks!

  2. she said sadly the humpbacks couldnt save the baby grey whale. if your are a naturalist you understand how nature works. the predators feed on the prey. they must eat in order to survive. whether it seems cruel to us or not thats how it has been and how it will be. the killer whales must eat in order to survive. i have heard that there has never been a recorded incident of a killer whale attacking a human in the wild. in fact i have watched videos of humans and orcas swimming together in the ocean, with the orcas appearing playful with the people.

  3. Killer whales, bullies of the sea. I hate those damned bullies. Personally, I would support any killing of them. And I don't care if Orcas in captivity live shorter lives. Good for nothing bullies!

  4. F* you all for putting music over the a death- of a child no less. Do you do that to murders caught in tape? This is entertaining to you??? Educational, fine, but you put Hollywood music over it, as if it's exciting. Have some respect for life on this planet, and death.

  5. To me is this, even if a humpback whale tries to intervene with the nature to save a baby鈥檚 life, then why the fock humans don鈥檛, when they can save life of a baby. Oh please don鈥檛 say stupid things like messing with the nature etc.. You already have raped the nature, also you are not saving every and all the babies, only the one you already have become part of by being there. 馃が

  6. 爻亘丨丕賳 丕賱賱賴 賵亘丨賲丿賴 毓丿丿 禺賱賯賴 賵乇囟丕 賳賮爻賴 賵夭賳丞 毓乇卮賴 賵賲丿丕丿 賰賱賲丕鬲賴 毓賱賶 賰賱 卮賷亍 賯丿賷乇 丕賱賱賴賲 氐賱 賵爻賱賲 毓賱賶 賳亘賷賳丕 賲丨賲丿 賵毓賱賶 丌賱賴 賵氐丨亘賴 兀噩賲毓賷賳 賵爻賱賲 鬲爻賱賷賲丕 賰孬賷乇丕 廿賱賶 賷賵賲 丕賱丿賷賳

  7. You can understand what is happening by hearing the baby calf screaming and wonder why the mother failed to protect her baby.There were distress signals released from the blow holes too.Where was the marine watch patrol?

  8. There have been numerous recorded instances of whales attacking orcas who are hunting other species has been, and it's thought that they are not actually trying to save the other species so much, but that they instinctively respond to orcas acting aggressive because they are known to also attack humpback calfs, and it's in the whales best interest to make the orca leave the area.

  9. Seems like a few whales chilling together and animal 鈥渆xperts鈥 created an exciting thriller.
    Mama whale was traveling with baby whale when the evil black whales attack to kidnap the baby, bystanders who are almost drunk try their best to save the day but fail.
    Part 2 Papa whale comes for revenge.

  10. Animal altruism and unity at its best by those Humpbacks coming to help that poor mother and calf. Sadly, the Orcas won the battle and killed the calf, but still extra props to those Humpbacks for their valiant effort.

  11. Maybe Humpback whales see themselves as the "humans" of the ocean… We have decided who is the predator (the lion, the fox, the wolf..) and who is prey. Why cant a whale see themselves as protector against the "wolves"?

  12. Size and strength against intelligent and overwhelming determination to kill, eat and survive. This how nature Is brutal but this has been happening for hundreds of millions of years before humans dominate this world.

  13. The reason humpback whales actually protect other animals is because orcas usually try to attack them, and on some humpback whales have scars on their tail, and do not want this terrible experience to be casted on another animal, despite the species.

  14. Humpback whales are amazing creatures. I've seen them save seals, humans, and now another whale! Amazing, beautiful creatures. They attempted to put themselves between the killer whale's and the baby; but unfortunately it was a bit late. They're just beautiful creatures.

  15. Orcas are not killer whales, but whale killers because that is their job in the marine ecosystem. I would suggest that human should change the inhumane way untold millions of fish are left to die by suffocation when taken from the water (which has the same effect on fish as death by drowning). The humane killing of any fish or animal is quick and painless, not slow and agonizing.

  16. So these humans rushed over there to just watch. Why even go? For footage. For money. We can chose to assist others. We don't have to let nature be. These humpbacks save other species than their own including our own species. It's called Altruism. These people just watched and did nothing. Useless viewers

  17. as hard as it is to watch animals hurt and kill another species, i prefer to accept that fact rather than keep hearing of how humans hunt them for some meaningless luxury

  18. as hard as it is to watch animals hurt and kill another species, i prefer to accept that fact rather than keep hearing of how humans hunt them for some meaningless luxury


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