How to wear a fabric mask

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals are curious about the proper use of fabric masks. WHO released updated Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19 on 5 June 2020. It has new scientific results on fabrics that can be used for masks. Watch this video to learn more about which individuals should consider wearing a fabric mask, how to wear it and how to maintain it.

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  2. You have to be 100% brain dead to believe a mask does anything except lower your ability to intake oxygen. Coming from an organization best known for false information & lies. Run by a former war lord Who is NOT even a DR! It’s just about par for the course. Smdh.

  3. Clean yr hands with methanol.deprive yrself of oxygen.get yr vaccine.move next to a 5g tower in a smart prison city and get a sign above yr head saying "im a complete idiot"

  4. Excellent! I will share this video for those who haven't seen it yet.
    WHO, we the people know you're funding is now limited do to some dirty politics, we hope things will get better soon. Please keep up the great work!

  5. Handling a mask after use in public should go immediately in a sealable container and washed as soon as possible if not immediately. It should not be handled at all or reused u n til it has been cleaned.

  6. We need to focus people, and not be so distracted by this whole mask thing. This virus is new … as such it makes sense that the more we research the virus, the more we will learn about how to prevent it, how it spreads and how to better treat sick patients, hopefully we'll save more lives. All this helps get us closer to developing a vaccine … it's the key to getting to back to some sense of whatever our new normal will be. We are experiencing a once in a lifetime event! It's unprecedented in the era of modern science to say the least. Now, is not the time to play any blame games, or to debate political ideologies.
    We're ALL frustrated, disappointed and fatigued with this crap. We are grieving/missing our loved ones, grieving our normal lives, relationships are strained from a little too much togetherness, our work, personal activities and routines we once took for granted, all changed in a day. NONE OF US SAW THIS COMING. This is completely normal. We feel betrayed and disillusioned. This is The United States of AMERICA – The Greatest Nation in the World! WE did out part: "stay home and help flatten the curve." We followed the rules. They ALL let us ALL down. We have every right to be mad as hell!
    Essential workers have held us up and some lost their lives in the process. Where are their kudos? What will be the mental health impact to our health care workers after witnessing all the Covid19 horrors they can't unsee. The constant fear of infecting their own loved ones in their service to others. People who've applied for unemployment in April, still have yet to receive their first unemployment check. The PPP program made no sense. How does it makes sense that I have to bring back my employees to have a loan forgiven. Restaurants, bars, hospitality, gyms, airlines … how can they be profitable when opening back up did not equal returning to pre-Covid19 levels due to social distance requirements, and customers still afraid to patronize your business. Less business, why would I bring back staff to stand around doing nothing.
    When you take people who are traumatized … all of their freedoms and livelihoods have been taken away, the "MASK" becomes the symbol of defiance as it is the one thing a person feels their Government cannot control. One could argue they technically can since they can make us wear clothes. We don't have the right to walk around naked.
    I think the one thing everyone has in common is we want this crap over with. I've seen despair on the faces of the people who have had to shut down businesses they've in their families for generations. I know people who worked three jobs and lost all of them. I have family members who work in health care who break down in tears when they recount the trauma that they witness daily in the ICU where critical Covid19 patients young and old fight to breathe so they don't have to be placed on a ventilator. People die alone. No family is allowed.
    My fellow Americans, we can't go out like this. The virus must infect a host to survive. This pandemic is out of control and no one has all the answers. How could they? AIDS has been here more than 20 years and there's still no vaccine. No one wants to go through anymore shut downs. Many businesses large and small will never survive it! Those jobs will disappear along with them.
    All I know is all the countries where their citizens were wearing masks (Google it), they were able to open back up, kids are back at schools, and life is getting back to some sense of normal. "What do we have to lose.?" Let's mask up and take our lives and our economy back, before our enemies slip in and catch us while we're slipping.
    Thanks for listening. Please Stay safe out there and let's all do our part to get us out of this "Twilight Zone! We can and will come back better and stronger … how long that takes, is up to us, the ball for now is in our court.

  7. The CDC recently revised its infection fatality rate estimate down to just 0.26 percent. For those outside of nursing homes, the infection fatality rate is estimated to be just 0.13
    Roughly 80 percent of all Covid-19 deaths are among those over 65 years old. Those aged under 55 account for just eight percent of all Covid-19 deaths. If you are 34 years old or younger, your probability of dying from Covid-19 as of June 3rd was 0.0005 percent.
    Among patients hospitalized with Covid-19, 91.5 percent have at least one underlying health condition.
    More children die each year from the flu than Covid-19.
    In the U.S., the probability of being struck by lightning is higher than the chances of a school-age child (5-14) first getting and then dying of COVID-19.
    After European schools reopened, there was no observable increase in Covid-19 cases.
    The American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control, and the National Academy of Sciences conclude that children can safely return to school.

  8. The N95 mask MAY protect against particles of 0.3 microns… The size of the Coronavirus is much smaller i.e. 0.0125 microns..

    NOTE the virus is 4.5 TIMES SMALLER than the 0.3 microns sized particles that a N95 mask is EFFECTIVELY SUPPOSED to filter… also the filtering efficiency is 95%. Still a 5% margin issue is left for the 3 micron particles..!

    'Experts (so called)' say that the virus travels on FINE water particles and will get stuck to the filter. But FINE particles of water dries up fast and the virus is free to be ingested while breathing or expelled into the atmosphere by even a slight cough.

    Remember virus can stay alive for upto 25 days.

    So how does the N95 mask protect one from a particle that is MUCH smaller than the maximum size that it's rated for, along with a 5% gap for error for 3 microns particle size..!!??

    If that's the case, the type of masks used by Biden and the general public are USELESS…. unless one is totally distanced by being confined to basements.

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  10. the majority of masks sold in retail say on the packages themselves that they don't actually protect you from diseases, or they'll just say non medical grade. Especially cloth masks. So whats the point???

  11. Walmart, Target and other major retailers have began forcing people to wear a mask, breath in their own CO2, and weaken their immune systems by this and by spraying and wiping down everything with harmful chemicals. The government wants everybody to wear a mask because it helps support the lie that Covid-19 is real. So, if you must wear a mask, wear one that doesn't help support their lie!

  12. The CCP run WHO are full of 💩. They made a video saying masks don't work. Stop spreading your commie lies!

    It's obvious to anyone with intelligence and common sense that this is BS!

  13. Masks are dangerous for long period of time, like for children who have to wear them 5-8 hours a day at school, many even forced to do physical education with them on.They restrict your oxygen intake, while forcing you to re-breathe your own exhaled C02, over and over again…you do not need to be an expert to understand this simple fact. Restricted oxygen intake causes your body to go into stress which is bad for your immune system. The only people who should be wearing face-masks are healthcare workers, the highly vulnerable and doctors, in the right conditions and situations of course….Making children wear face-masks is a crime against humanity and will not be tolerated much longer.

  14. Preventive measures of Covid-19 :-

    – Social Distancing, 02, Gaz doori (6' foot)
    – Hand washing.
    – Wear right 'face mask' in right ways.
    – Maintain Hygiene.
    – Avoid crowd.
    – Do not go to the crowded area's.

  15. "making sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask". Tilts head forward to reveal massive gaps around her nose.

  16. These r not masks….these r Covid tapes ….which stupid people wear……these surgical,N95 r not masks these r Covid tapes……which I hate a lot …..I haven't wear and will not wear these tapes at any cost………………

  17. Countries and States with no mask mandates are doing better than ones that have had full lockdowns. As one scientist said at the outset of this so call pandemic, " you can not stop this virus ", and you have a 99.7% chance of recovery if you happen get it.


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