How to wear a fabric mask safely

A fabric mask can act as a barrier to prevent the spread of the virus. However, it must be used correctly and always combined with other measures to protect yourself and everyone else. Here is how to wear a fabric mask safely.
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  1. We need more translation for onther language … Is there any way that I can upload arabic to this video ? We need this video in arabic too …

  2. It protects 0 % due to the fact that a virus is going trough the holes in the paper or fabric.
    A virus is atleast 100 times smaller then bacteria, so this is NOT true.

  3. Go to a grocery store and watch all of the obsequious people wearing their masks . . . and make a note of how many of them actually FOLLOW ALL of these guidelines. The number you will see will be exactly ZERO.

  4. this is hype to scare people into a false sense of security that they are protected. the very, very tiny virus is NOT stopped by any mask you can make for yourself.

  5. You have to promote mask wearing. It's not life long. You must wear it until pandemic recedes. Individual liberty doesn't allow you to harm society and spread rumours. Don't be rumour monger. Be a responsible citizen.

  6. There is no safe mask if u are out here touching everything so a mask is useless and puts fear in people who wears a mask and puts there hands on the gas pumps and stores crap no one gets sick in the summer only in the winter that’s y it’s called a cold put ur trust in the father of truth the lord and u will be just fine fear makes u sick

  7. all lies the mask does nothing just marketing all bullshit selling mask to make money off people while they keeping the virus in the hospital injecting people

  8. What about putting your head over steam to kill the virus in your respriatory system. Eating healthy food high in antioxidants, taking zinc and gargling if you have a sore throat just like you would if you had a cold. Nothing here to promote healthy prevention apart from wearing a germ infesting mask…..;.

  9. THIS IS PROPAGANDA THAT IS PREVENTING THE VIRUS FROM ENDING. The correct protection is a FACE SHIELD and not a mask. Vitamin D3 will prevent the disease if taien daily and at least 6,000 IUs a day. That is what Dr Dauci takes every day.Trump got 50,000 two days in a row to get well

  10. Important to remember to wash your hands both before and after putting on and taking off a mask. Also, don't touch the front of the masks after use. The bacteria gets stuck to the masks. And don't touch or rub your eyes, nose, or mouth until after you have washed your hands.

  11. ok i you still think that mask actually slow down the transmission of Covid19….. Try this. Go outside when its 30f outside. Put on your mask and breath normally. And you will see for yourself that tons of visible moisture goes through and around your mask, even if worn correctly.

  12. So you pull up to a store put on a mask ( the same one you were wearing for the last week) walk into the store. contaminate your hands, adjust your mask 15-20 times. that's a natural thing to do. walk out of the store pull your mask off. Your contaminated
    Walk around Walmart. people wearing mask below the nose. pulled down. punching credit cards one right after the other. Why are these people not ending up in the hospital. and how do they keep employees? They should all be getting contaminated.

  13. Now kids, just letting you know that governments have been lying to the public for many many decades but you will not be told this by your teachers. School is there to indoctrinate you into a system that is completely corrupt and at the highest levels of big corporations, media and government, behind closed doors, they work together to manipulate the unsuspecting public using propaganda and mostly, fear mongering, which is their favorite tactic of all time. That is why they are mandating the wearing of face masks, to spread fear and panic and keep up the lies that there is a terrifying virus on the loose, even though masks offer no protection and they have been faking the numbers of deaths due to COVID19. They also did this in 2009 during the 'Swine Flu', which you will see if you look it up even on Wikipedia, it will tell you was no worse than the regular flu.

  14. Summary of the video:
    Put a mask on properly you idiots.

    No but seriously, you know when you're out shopping or at church you see those muppets with their mask halfway down their neck, i just want to say to them what do you think you're doing wearing that thing like that like honestlyyyyyyyy

  15. I've gone out in public . Nurse's I'v seen wear the mask loose with it open up on the side of their face . The mask I have is thick and it is flat against my face . If it is loose I can't breath correctly but firm against my face I breath better maybe it's because I'm breathing my own air ??. Everyone needs to try this .

  16. Categorically False Information that a Cloth Mask can effectively prevent transmission of virus. There is no standards this is nonsense. Yes, My school directed me here and the Wreath for the WHO tell you they are communists(compare to old soviet flag and liste to yuri bezmenov).
    Ike predicted that democratic institutions would be vulnerable to a technological elite,


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