How to take care of our ears? to avoid hearing loss

What is good ear care? Should we clean our ears? How can noise affect our ears?

Many myths and misconceptions are associated with ear problems and hearing loss. 360 million persons across the world have disabling hearing loss. About half of all these cases are easily prevented or treated. Following good ear care practices, such as reducing exposure to noise, avoiding insertion of objects into the ears can prevent many from developing ear and hearing problems.

This brief animation features a young girl talking about her experience of ear pain. It depicts common home remedies and behaviour that can damage the ears, leading to hearing loss.

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  1. Hearing is a precious gift that all too often is taken for granted. As audiologists, dealing with cases of hearing loss each day helps to build our awareness of the negative impact of hearing loss on health and well-being. Congratulations to WHO for helping to raise the awareness of hearing health care at an international and global level.

  2. I have never even heard of the hot oil thing. My gosh, it sounds like something Jenny McCarthy would torture her kids with try on her kids. So glad I ended up with a smart family who wouldn't even think to burn my ear with hot oil, especially considering how prone my ears are to infections and other problems. If they'd poured hot oil in my ear every time I complained of an earache, I might not even have ears anymore.

  3. Recently I acquired this hearing loss solution “fetching kamkam site” (Google it) for my dear grandmother who`s a little losing her hearing. Luckily, she didn`t protest and she began to use them based on the directions. She says she seems to hear things a lot clearer than ever before and this is real mainly because she doesn`t constantly say "excuse me" or "what" as much as she used to.

  4. Im so sick rn… I have been losing hearing so bad and i rrlly wanna get over with this, i just wish i could go to the doctor now, im so tired, its been almost 7 years ive been sick, i just wanna live peacefully…

  5. I have a query…I listen to ebooks while completing dozens of copy-paste assignments. when there is not anyone around I switch to not using headphones for quite some time, I still use my headphones for a long time the highest volume being 30% and the lowest being 16%. So is it okay to use headphones for a long time on low volume?


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