How to Survive the Longest Flight in the World | The Middle Seat

WSJ’s Scott McCartney went nonstop from Newark, N.J., to Singapore, testing his tips on how to survive more than 18 hours on a plane to help you with your next long-haul flight. Photo: Drew Evans/The Wall Street Journal

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  1. I have done 15 and a half hours from NYC to Taiwan. Sleeping pills and walking around helped. I am doing a 16 and 45 minute flight next week from NYC to Manilla.

  2. Its actually new york to dubai or abu dhabi because the other Emirates are closer and Singapore is far I think 9 thousand km but Abu Dhabi is 10,000 when dubai is around 12,000 or 11,000km away

  3. OMG drink so many fluids you have to climb over me to pee every hour and make sure to annoy your fellow passengers by getting up and walking, making sure to bump everyone's shoulder as you go by. I know you.

  4. I drove from Grand Rapids Michigan to Ft Myers Florida non stop by myself. 21 hours..way tougher than this trip. This trip would have been a piece of cake.

  5. Imagine you're sleeping on a plane and suddenly you hear: HI TODAY I'LL BE FLYING THE LONGEST FLIGHT IN THE WORLD and here a a few tips on how to stay comfortable and healthy!

  6. Solution :

    Take 2 flights instead of one. It’s cheaper and more practical. I’m flying tonight, instead of 14 hours, I’m doing 5 hours and then another 8 hours.

  7. LIES!!!
    All you need is offline games, snacks, comfy clothes and be close enough to the toilet. And probably someone else there to sit with, it's just more comfortable

  8. I'm say this. I bought the ale seat and window seat for my me and my spouse to deter someone from buying the middle seat as alot other did as well. I'm on to the game you middle seat buyers are doing. You think you buying the middle seat is going to force the other two people who know each other to offer you the window or ale seat so they can sit next to each other. Nooo buddy you buy that seat you going sit right there no matter how uncomfortable it is. Also I'm the type to keep checking the seat chart to see if someone bought the seat. So you middle seat buyers buy the seat hoping the buyer of the ale and window seat buy other seats or pay more money for the front seats and leave you with the whole row. Ohhhh no buddy I refused to let you finnese your way into having a whole row to your self. U going sit right there in that middle seat

  9. Has anyone noticed that Sam Chui (if the spelling is right) is in the same flight as the guys long flight 0:03
    Note: tell me if I had copied someone’s comment on this comment section

  10. I can just imagine the loooong list of tips provided for space flights: "Tip 967 – Upon launch and re-entry, do not physically fight against the G-forces…Tip 1,326 – Take a scuba diving class beforehand, to physically prepare for the weightlessness of space…Tip 7,893 – Develop the physical fitness of an athlete with a minimum of 4 daily hrs of exercise at least one year before takeoff…"

  11. I really appreciate all the people who left positive comments. They’re helping me prepare for this flight I have in a few weeks. The negative comments are scaring me. I’m definitely going to:
    Stay hydrated
    Try to sleep most of the way (which I’m good at on flights)
    Bring books and videos on my phone to watch
    Move around some

  12. I have to totally disagree with you. It is not the longest flight in the world. There was one from QANTAS' New York to SYDNEY Non stop flight which it took 19-and-a-half hours. This compares to a travel time of 22 hours and 20 minutes on the current New York to Sydney via Los Angeles flight


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