How to stay MATCH FIT for football during winter

Learn football skills and improve your fitness – in how to stay sharp and match fit for football during winter. In today’s video, JayMike will take a look at how you can stay match fit during winter and pre-season and keep your body in shape both in terms of your fitness but also your touch and control. No one likes training alone in the cold, but by putting in the extra work during winter and pre-season, you will come back much fitter and stronger, and if you’ve made sure that you have stayed match fit and that your touch and control is still sharp, you will be able to improve so much when the season begins – so in today’s football tutorial video, JayMike will give you some tips on how you can stay match fit during winter for football with some drills and high intensity runs that you can – and then, it’s all about getting out there and start working!


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Comment (119)

  1. Man Jay u know I just love to go to my last breath on the pitch and that too training alone and just beating my yesterday self but….my parents doesn't allow me to do so I am tired telling them that it's my lifeline I want to be at that level…but they say hey you you have to become a Dr.and that's it…and just because of their dis allowance I am getting out of my shape day by day…I know it's seems more like a excuse but hey…there's a limit u can go against your parents…I am Loosing my will power day after day…as … 😭 I am 17 now… 😭😭😭

  2. Hey I great vids! I need some help on my stamina and endurance, u have recently transitioned from 7 a side to 11 a side pitch but unable to keep my stamina up for the whole game, can you share some tips.


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