How to quit tobacco smoking?

Dr Dongbo Fu and Simone St Claire from the World Health Organization give tips for quitting tobacco: a useful list of things to plan for tobacco users, encouraging them to succeed in this process! For their health and for the health of their loved ones.

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  1. I know this video is for people who wanna quit smoking but can we all acknowledge the fact that this female presenter is one of the most attractive woman I have ever seen oh my gosh

  2. damn that girl is frickin beautiful. i really wanted to stop smoking but it means i have to throw part of me , smoking is like my life, when im sad i smoked, when im angry i smoke, when im happy i smoke, its like deleting your important piece of "something" in your life. i really wanted to quit but part of me dont want to do that. 50/50

  3. Day 3 myself so nothing to rave about, just struggle with sleeping at night…tossing and turning for hours and end up falling asleep due to exhaustion. Sure it’ll get easier after a week

  4. Did u know that 933000000 people smoke every day, that makes 340545000000 people a year. Despite this huge number, only 7 million of these people die of smoking each year. That means the death rate of smoking is just a mere 0.002%
    Food for thought…

  5. I quit smoking. Been about 3 months now. I tried everything. Chantix was the reason I actually quit. This video helped me too. 3 months smoke free in 3 days!!!! Such a happier person. YOU CAN QUIT! JUST DO IT!

  6. I set my home screen a motivational photo
    So every time I look at my phone I remember to stay strong

    Btw I am almost 17
    I’ve been smoking since I was 15 now I completely quit

    Fuck Tobacco

  7. So I got a call from mom today and she told me she saw this dream of me dying from smoking ciggies. I decided tonight for like my 7th time of quitting to quit. I'm doing this for my mom's happiness as I don't care about my wellbeing as much as my mom does.

    Day 1: I have done it 🙂

    I will update this in 21 days. (apparently it takes you 21 days to quit a habit)

  8. To all the smokers who have been smoking 5 years or less. I advise to quit now. It's harder the farther into the habit you go. It becomes a part of you, your habit, quit it now and pat yourself on the back.

  9. You won't be able to quit smoking if you actually don't want to. I've been smoking for like 10 years and I should have quit years ago. I wanna start running again so this time i quit for good.

  10. Smoking for 15years I’m 29 yrs old from London UK. Sunday 25th April 12:50pm was my last cigarette!! I’m now on day 3 and it’s HARD!! For motivation I’ve got a calendar with my sons photo on it, and I’m marking off every each day goes past! Do anything to motivate yourself even if you think it sounds stupid & crazy just do ANYTHING and STOP!!! I’m feeling so much fresher and skin is glowing and breathing is easier! Best of luck to all, you will do this!! 🙏🏻❤️

  11. I am a 19 y/o student I used to smoke 4-5 cigarettes a day. I quit smoking in lockdown, yes it was hard but not impossible. My biggest motivation was that I have to study and I craved cigarette while studying. I smoked for 1.5 year, It's been 8 days I haven't smoked a single cigarette.

  12. I’ve recently quit and the thing is, it’s mostly mental. Most of us know we need to quit or know we should but we truly don’t want to. I posted my first video about this and it’s simply me e planning how I brgan to change my life. Quitting cigarettes was a part of my desire to make better choices and change into a better version of myself. If you want you can go watch and let me know what you think.

  13. The way I've handled my addiction was to have a pack of smokes in my pocket and knowing that I have them there is a reason for me to stop for some reason. And living in Australia is the worst as well with the price of cigs being 40 to 60 bucks. So having them in my pocket for this reason along just reminds me of the addiction, mental and physical health it could have on me. Been going for 7 days straight now. Wish me luck

  14. 16 days over but still having headache,stomach pain and insomnia. God knows when they will last but am gonna do it. (Did it cold turkey without any patches and all)

  15. They say vaccines are mandatory for our “safety” yet they sell tobacco and alcohol which are both destroying the users and the loved ones of the user. It doesn’t make much sense IMO. Unless of course you assume it’s all about money and not public safety. Then it makes perfect sense…..
    P.S. I am on day 3 tobacco free.

  16. I want to stop smoking but I learned it makes you gain weight. But still it's better then dying, but we all die some day. And it's a good way to suppress our angry and sad emotions. I'm a smoker and this is always in my mind everytime I try to stop. I really need help.

  17. The biggest favor you can offer to urself is to stop smoke.i used to smoke for 10 years but i saw there ain't no benefits in that however the thing you need to control the most is your brain keep fight urself whenever you crave to smoke don't obey your mind reduce the cigarettes day in and day out the idea is to control urself promise you gonna see the differences in ur life you gonna say why i did to myself like that.i used to smoke for a long time 10 years yes it is ten years now i see myself somebody else my advice to whoever smoking just quit for 1 week u going to see urself better for urself and don't forget to ask help from ur god he is there for you believe in yourself belive you can do it you will do it peace be unto you .

  18. I'm here because I'm on day 2 of my attempt at quitting smoking and I'm gasping for a cigarette!
    I've been a fairly heavy smoker for the past 12 years. 2 days ago, after a cigarette, I genuinely thought I was having a heart attack. I'm 27 years old. It was the scariest experience of my life. Fingers crossed, this was enough to stop me picking up a cigarette, ever again.
    I always thought 'Ahh, these things will never happen to me, I enjoy smoking'. I wish I listened to the 'stupid adults' when I was a teen.

  19. Been smoking for 7 years. Tried everything to quit but failed. Because craving and addiction were still there. Then I came across Quitsure app which claimed to remove my cravings. And it worked. Now I don't smoke because I no longer get cravings at all. Has anyone used the same app to quit smoking?

  20. Anyone looking for someone to go through quitting with? I am looking for people to create a group with,a group where we will communicate our fears and the feelings that comes when trying to quit, we can encourage each other on the group to keep pushing, I'm really ready to quit but it's just so hard.

  21. I'm really pissed of clearly there are huge advantages for some people who smoke . Since quitting I've put on 59kgs and I find it incredibly hard to get out of bed in the morning or get motivated to do a task.

    I'd recommend anyone who has the same problems with motivation get tested for ADHD or add as it is likely that you do need stimulants unfortunately I can't tolerate them but many people can.

    Good luck

  22. It's so hard to quit. They always talk about the nicotine only. But it is way more then just the nicotine in the cigarette or tobacco. I tried e smoker with nicotine and I still crave for real tobacco this is the proof that the tobacco now days is full with edictive stuff. Wich makes it even harder to quit. The price's go out the roof now. They so called care about our health. Why not make it illegal if you care so much for our health. The sad thing is the most of the majority of smokers are low educated and have little money. Yet it is those people they take the money from. Unhealthy food is cheap and booze aswel. What about all these fat people eating themself to death. But no the smokers pay the price only.

  23. i smoked for 7 years, i'm 11 months nictone clean and forever 🤘, everything changed like My sleep routine, i feel much X1000 better, even i was having short of breath all the time, now i don't get that no more. just ask yourself why are you smoking? is it because your loved ones died or left? Smoking will not bring them back!, is it because your depressed? smoking will not fix it!, is it fun smoking it? trust me working out and jogging is X1000 fun than smoking, don't let that shit control you. btw this is my first attempt of quiting and the last one. life is better with out ciggarets

  24. Already 4 weeks cigarettes free
    I have used electric cigarette for quitting
    1st week 18 mg nicotine capsules
    2nd week 12 mg nicotine capsules
    3rd week 9 mg
    4th week 2.5 mg nicotine capsules mixing with 0 mg nicotine capsules
    Now week 5 only 0 mg nicotine capsules
    Next week ( 6th ) I am going to even stop electric cigarette
    I think this is the best way for quitting
    Because I have smoked for 16 years and tried many times to quit but never made it more than 2 days
    But now I am feeling great better than what I have expected.

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