How to quit tobacco smoking?

Dr Dongbo Fu and Simone St Claire from the World Health Organization give tips for quitting tobacco: a useful list of things to plan for tobacco users, encouraging them to succeed in this process! For their health and for the health of their loved ones.

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  1. I'm here because I'm on day 2 of my attempt at quitting smoking and I'm gasping for a cigarette!
    I've been a fairly heavy smoker for the past 12 years. 2 days ago, after a cigarette, I genuinely thought I was having a heart attack. I'm 27 years old. It was the scariest experience of my life. Fingers crossed, this was enough to stop me picking up a cigarette, ever again.
    I always thought 'Ahh, these things will never happen to me, I enjoy smoking'. I wish I listened to the 'stupid adults' when I was a teen.

  2. Been smoking for 7 years. Tried everything to quit but failed. Because craving and addiction were still there. Then I came across Quitsure app which claimed to remove my cravings. And it worked. Now I don't smoke because I no longer get cravings at all. Has anyone used the same app to quit smoking?

  3. Anyone looking for someone to go through quitting with? I am looking for people to create a group with,a group where we will communicate our fears and the feelings that comes when trying to quit, we can encourage each other on the group to keep pushing, I'm really ready to quit but it's just so hard.

  4. I'm really pissed of clearly there are huge advantages for some people who smoke . Since quitting I've put on 59kgs and I find it incredibly hard to get out of bed in the morning or get motivated to do a task.

    I'd recommend anyone who has the same problems with motivation get tested for ADHD or add as it is likely that you do need stimulants unfortunately I can't tolerate them but many people can.

    Good luck

  5. It's so hard to quit. They always talk about the nicotine only. But it is way more then just the nicotine in the cigarette or tobacco. I tried e smoker with nicotine and I still crave for real tobacco this is the proof that the tobacco now days is full with edictive stuff. Wich makes it even harder to quit. The price's go out the roof now. They so called care about our health. Why not make it illegal if you care so much for our health. The sad thing is the most of the majority of smokers are low educated and have little money. Yet it is those people they take the money from. Unhealthy food is cheap and booze aswel. What about all these fat people eating themself to death. But no the smokers pay the price only.

  6. i smoked for 7 years, i'm 11 months nictone clean and forever 🤘, everything changed like My sleep routine, i feel much X1000 better, even i was having short of breath all the time, now i don't get that no more. just ask yourself why are you smoking? is it because your loved ones died or left? Smoking will not bring them back!, is it because your depressed? smoking will not fix it!, is it fun smoking it? trust me working out and jogging is X1000 fun than smoking, don't let that shit control you. btw this is my first attempt of quiting and the last one. life is better with out ciggarets

  7. Already 4 weeks cigarettes free
    I have used electric cigarette for quitting
    1st week 18 mg nicotine capsules
    2nd week 12 mg nicotine capsules
    3rd week 9 mg
    4th week 2.5 mg nicotine capsules mixing with 0 mg nicotine capsules
    Now week 5 only 0 mg nicotine capsules
    Next week ( 6th ) I am going to even stop electric cigarette
    I think this is the best way for quitting
    Because I have smoked for 16 years and tried many times to quit but never made it more than 2 days
    But now I am feeling great better than what I have expected.

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  12. Guys if you smoke more than one pack everyday. There are higher chances to not quit smoking or relapse if you are trying by yourself . If you really want to quit take help from your doctor . Doctor will give you some medicines which will increase your chances of quitting cigarettes. Go for it if you tried by your own.

    1) When you are alone, mind your thoughts.
    2) When you are with your friends, mind your tongue.
    3) When you are angry, mind your temper.
    4) When you are with a group, mind your behaviour.
    5) When you are in trouble, mind your emotions.
    6) When God starts blessing you, mind your ego.

  14. i had smoked 15 huge years and i quited it 3 months ago. It was my biggest achivement in my life. Yes it is hard but not impossile. And for who want to quit it, do it now and dont postpone.

  15. I'm only 3 days in and I will say making your mind up to quit is the easy part, it's the withdrawal that is the hard part. I felt like my brain was lagging and a weird tension feeling in my neck. I cheated and smoked one felt amazing to be honest. But I bought some nicotine to help me out, cold turkey is not for me felt really out of it.

  16. I first tried smoking when I was 10 … I’m now 33. I’ve quit for a few years here & there but I’m quitting on the 1st of January 2022 & I am scared. I’m 6 years so so I know I can do It 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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  18. Day 2 about my 10th attempt on quitting, know my triggers smoke as I'm kind of lonely in my late 30s avoiding going the pubs, or outside as I start scanning for butts on the floor to smoke or just buy some…anyhow I'm done want to find a new me 😊

  19. My uncle has been smoking for 50(he's 62 now) years and up to this day he smokes 10-20 butts a day. . . and he's still miraculously OKAY, no illnesses or complications have surfaced (yet). But 5 decades though, how tf is that possible?

  20. I thought how I'd spend the rest of my days
    After I kick this habit my body craves
    Said to myself this ain't gonna be so tough
    With that little bit of assurance
    I took another puff

  21. 22 years heavy smoker, quit for 35 days today. very difficult. i think the key is to 'get prepared for boredom'. the first few days i felt absolute boredom, nothing to do, what to do now? , something is terribly missing, always want a cigarette, dont want to get up, and life is very meaningless.
    to be ready to live in this boredom was my biggest helper i believe. it is a war and the weapon that is fighting you and attacking you every day is 'boredom'. you need to be prepared for it, and you wont be able to destroy it, just be ready to face it every day and do not say i give up. it will keep coming every minute probably. no problem, just stand your ground.

  22. Hi, one day we will die and stand before God our creator to be judged. According to His word (The Holy Bible), we are all sinners and will be found guilty before him. God will be totally just in sending us to Hell for our sins.

    But the good news is that God has also provided us a way of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus died for your sins on the cross and rose again from the dead. If you simply believe in Him, i.e., trust that when He died He died for your sins personally, that moment God will give you the free gift of everlasting life and you can know 100% sure you will go to Heaven when you die!!!

  23. Ma ajsay 🚬smoking quit kar raha hu
    Thik 1month bad ayapa bapas ayungga r dakungga kon kon mara sat haii
    Apvi smoking quit kar rahoo hoo muja bataoo
    Choloo hum log ak sat journey✈️ start karta haii
    Good luck for everyone ☺☺☺☺

  24. Day 19 of quitting smoking. Nicotine gum helps significantly. Counting the number of days quit in my head also helped significantly. I can feel , taste, see, smell better than ever before. Thoughts are still scattered but there are mental benefits with less anxiety and better sleep and positive emotions associated with focusing here and there.

  25. Humans have a long history of killing ..killing for survival.. don't think twice..kill the smoke carving deamon inside you..never let it in again inside you. Believe in yourself and your God or Angel to be strong infront of a mirror and the are not are a proud rare case..

  26. I just smoke with friends. All my friends smoke and when I am alone I do not smoke but when I am around friends or colleges I smoke when they smoke. I do not know why… But I have to smoke when I am with friends… It is a nervous feeling inside me when I do not smoke

  27. I quit smoking for three years. If my friends give me cigarettes, I will smoke. If my friends don't give me cigarettes, I will ask for them


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