How to prepare for an interview – 01 – English at Work has the answers

Anna has an interview at Tip Top Trading. This episode helps her and you prepare for an interview by providing answers to interview questions. English at work helps you learn the language you need to get a job and to work in an office environment.
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  1. what does mean : hold tight please  what is cv?and the last one , what is the meaning of this sentence: the treasure of the debating society ? thank you very much bbc learning respect all teachers working there.

  2. I think for a Chef from fast-growing Company like Tip Top Training, it´s a unprofessional act an Interview. It´s not so for economical problems for this Company. (i try to learn english, excuse me :D)

  3. arrogant adj. 自大的,傲慢的
    a good example that comes to mind 一个很好的例子
    treasurer n. (团体等的)司库,财务主管
    i'm particularly proud of 我特别自豪
    timekeeping is important to me 守时对我很重要
    A custard cream is a type of biscuit popular in the British Isles.

  4. Hi BBC and all You! I'm a learning English beginner and I have a question that I can't understand :
    1. What mean's of " That was OK I suppose" ? Is that an idiom?
    2. The phrase " A good example that comes to mind " mean is " I have a good or new idea in my mind and I'm going to tell with you " ?
    Thanks for reading and helping me.
    I hope all you happy and healthy everyday !

  5. Dear BBC, since your topic is Job Interviews i assume your target group consists of Young adults and adults. Why then this Sesame Street approach with goofy voices and silly names such as Tip Top Trading?

  6. I like English at work! I Don't get the point concerning the using of can and could in the video. firstly Paul said : "what sales experience can you bring to your company?" and after that he Added: " could you give me an exemple of good team working during your time there?" why 'can' in the first sentence and 'could' in the second?

  7. Tomorrow im going to have my first online interview with someone of London…OMG!! Tomorrow will share you gouys, if everything is ok
    ! OMG I feel like Ana, really nervous!

  8. arrogant: kiêu ngạo
    campaign: chiến dịch

    treasurer: thủ quỹ
    suppose: nghĩ rằng
    enthusiastic: nhiệt tình
    finances: cấp tiền cho
    boasting: khoe khoang
    spill: làm đổ
    punctuality: đúng giờ

  9. Anna going to work in trading company but she has only a little bit experience in sales profession but
    She is selected in this company and Anna improve tha skill of sales


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