How to Optimize Your Frequent-Flier Miles | The Middle Seat | WSJ

Rewards travel is getting cheaper, according to an annual IdeaWorks survey. WSJ’s Scott McCartney digs into the data and explains how you can optimize the frequent-flier miles you’ve saved.

Photo Illustration: Drew Evans/The Wall Street Journal

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  1. How do you use your loyalty miles and points? Do you save them for business class tickets, use them for upgrades, burn through them for economy tickets or something else entirely?
    -Scott McCartney, WSJ

  2. Airlines: Do business with us now and we'll provide outsize value later
    Consumer: How much for a business class saver award?
    Airline: We don't publish award charts. The price you see is the price you pay.

    This is why I moved to Alaska Airlines. Correlating the cash price to the award has made popular loyalty programs into rebate programs. I rather take my rebates in cash back rather than proprietary miles.

  3. I travel all the time for work, so the last thing I need is another plane ticket. I rather trade SWA points for gift cards. Tax free bonus…

  4. This was actually an extremely useful video WSJ! Thanks for tips, also anyone who doesn’t know this you can hookup your Delta account to your LYFT account and everytime you take a Lyft you get Delta skymiles. Delta also does dining and shopping, so when you dine in a restaurant or shop online at certain places you get skymiles for that


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